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Convention touts the member-owned businesses model

Cooperatives are perhaps the most unique - and valuable - player in business. They're owned and run by and for their members, each of whom has an equal say in what the business does and a share in the profits. As businesses driven by values, co-ops share internationally accepted principles and act together to build a better world. And credit unions – like all co-ops everywhere – encourage collaboration to create sustainable enterprises, generate jobs and prosperity, and provide solutions to local challenges. At Convention, we’ll celebrate the many ways credit unions accomplish this.


Did you know that roughly one billion people in 96 countries belong to cooperatives, with credit unions constituting the second-largest segment? At convention, you’ll learn how this robust movement is improving the quality of life:


  • In Wisconsin. Thursday morning, Christine Henzig, The League’s Director of Communications, will provide a glimpse of Wisconsin credit unions’ turbulent history and the many financial and political threats we’ve overcome as a movement. Her program "Fight on! Challenges to Credit Unions Then and Now," will inspire you to keep carrying the torch to preserve many decades of credit unions’ successes serving 2.2 million members.


  • Internationally. Dr. Brian Branch, President & CEO of the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU), will showcase the effect of savings-based financial services of credit unions worldwide as part of Thursday’s membership address. Valerie Breunig, also of WOCCU, will continue this look at the world as part of a Friday breakout session in which she’ll share eye-opening stories about "Cooperating in Different Countries."

"You'll learn a lot more about how Wisconsin credit unions improve the quality of life in Wisconsin and the World," said Jennifer Esser, Director of Education for The League. "You’ll go away inspired to work for a movement that is transforming the globe in amazing ways and be challenged to positively transform your own corner of the world."


"Convention is our chance to celebrate Wisconsin credit unions’ unity as a single League with a shared mission of service that affords 2.2 million members more than $200 million in annual savings," she added. "At a time when consumers care more than ever about who profits from the business they conduct and where profits go, credit unions’ success makes a powerful statement about the value of the cooperative business model."


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