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Invest in America becomes Love My Credit Union Rewards 


Beginning August 1, Invest in America will become Love My Credit Union Rewards. Invest in America was created in 2008 during the financial crisis to support the U.S. auto industry, provide meaningful auto discounts to credit union members and to help credit unions gain auto loans. Six years later, the program is changing its name to reflect an expanded suite of exclusive discounts to credit union members, which will continue to grow with new partners, enhanced technology and new marketing options.


On August 1, Love My Credit Union Rewards will introduce:Image


  • A new member website;


  • Shopping categories including auto, home, technology & entertainment, finance, shopping and Invest in America;


  • Love to Shop, which replaces Shop America, with a new platform that will provide exclusive daily offers to bring members back more often; and


  • New marketing materials to promote the overall rewards program, individual discounts and materials that support the bundled discount categories. All materials will be available to download for free.


To continue to show credit union support for U.S.-based companies, Invest in America will still be displayed as a category on the web site homepage, and the logo will appear on the discounts that are from U.S.-based companies.


Prior to the change please:


  • Take down any Invest in America materials in your branches and discard any other marketing materials.


  • Order or download the new, free marketing materials for the program discounts you offer your members. Individual discount materials are available to order. Printed materials can be ordered for Sprint, GM Credit Union Auto Club and ADT.


  • Note that new materials will be available for order on Aug. 1 for those currently enrolled in all of the Invest in America programs and you promote the entire program. That's the same date when materials become available for promoting discount bundles, such as the auto category which includes GM, Credit Union Auto Club and TruStage.


  • Check the banners on your website. These will automatically change to Love My Credit Union Rewards as long as the HTML code was copied and pasted properly on your website. If your banners do not change Aug. 1, visit the marketing materials page and follow the directions to copy and paste the HTML code.


  • Identify any copy or Invest in America logos on your website and replace with Love My Credit Union Rewards. Love My Credit Union Rewards logos are available on the marketing materials page.


  • Put up new marketing materials in your branches on Aug. 1.


  • Review the program's many new options. The enrollment section is organized so you can easily enroll in the entire program, the bundled programs or individual programs.


For more information, contact Leslie Norush at (800) 262-6285, Ext. 542. 

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