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The League’s 2009 Year in Review: Part 2 of 4

In 2009, The League continued to grow the network of Activists who, in turn, proactively grew credit union allies in their communities, in media and in government. The League’s work to grow the network became critical in the face of the banking industry’s nationwide, grassroots effort to lobby, legislate and regulate credit unions out of business. Through strong advocacy, we helped to preserve and grow credit union membership, pass legislation and enact regulations benefiting credit unions and their 2.2 million members and shape public policy affecting financial services.


The League also:


  • Preserved credit unions’ federal and state income tax-exemption through lobbying and advocacy.

  • Used Credit Union House across from the Capitol in Madison to strengthen our voice among lawmakers. Close to 250 Activists used the house as “home base” during our State Government Affairs Conference.

  • Expanded to more than 1,000 the number of Activists building pro-credit union relationships with members of the community, media and government.


  • Attained a governor’s veto of provisions in the state budget that would have encouraged credit union-to-bank conversions without important member safeguards.


  • Mobilized 2,300 credit union Activist contacts to Congress to preserve members’ access to overdraft protection and prevent a reduction in interchange fees that could force some credit unions to discontinue plastic card services.



  • Added dozens of resources to the Arsenal a repository of materials Activists can access online to tell the credit union story in their community, fight banker attacks, train staff and volunteers on the “credit union difference” and much more.


  • Coordinated credit unions’ testimony before the state legislature on hotly debated issues like foreclosures and payday lending.

  • Expanded credit unions’ involvement in the REAL Solutions® effort, which helps demonstrate the “credit union difference” and the value of preserving credit unions’ tax exemption.


  • Published the Wisconsin Credit Union Annual Report. Shared with lawmakers and media statewide, the report details and quantifies how credit unions deliver value to their 2.2 million members and communities through their REAL Solutions®. This data protects credit unions from additional costly regulation and taxation.

  • Provided free tactical media relations training to teach credit unions how to achieve significant media coverage of their services that help members and communities – a way of stretching marketing dollars and building credit unions’ collective visibility as part of REAL Solutions®.


  • Provided a turnkey payday loan solution called StretchPay that minimizes credit unions’ financial risk.


Watch for part three in our next newsletter that will outline how The League’s educational offerings helped to better equip front line staff, board members, and management to fulfill their roles in 2009.

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