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90 new loans in 48 hours? Yes! Learn how!

Using proven strategies, your credit union can see startling new loan volume like this. Attend The League's Consumer Lending Workshop Nov. 7 and 8 where consultant and trainer Celeste C. Cook of cuStrategies LLC will share the tested and proven best practices that will capture millions of dollars in loan opportunities that your credit union is missing out on right now!


You can make millions in new loans right now--even double your annual loan volume. For example:


  • A $1 billion CU doubled loan volume from $10 million to over $20 million and has sustained an average of over $20 million in monthly loan volume.


  • A $500 million CU captured over 80 loan opportunities in less than 36 hours. These were loans that they otherwise never would have captured. 


  • A $400+ Million CU captured close to 90 loan opportunities in 48 hours. These were loans that they otherwise never would have captured.



One credit union using Celeste’s lending programs and strategies said:


"When I compared our Branch Loan Volume [direct loans only] for January 2012 to January 2011, I discovered there was an increase of $7 million in January 2012 compared to January 2011.  I was shocked and couldn’t believe the numbers were right so I asked Finance to re-analyze the numbers –I was certain it was a mistake.  Guess what…the numbers were correct!!!  This is unbelievable!!!"


Another credit union remarked:


"What a difference a year makes!  In 2011 our March loan production from the branches was $6,023,190.  If you only look at the loans actually produced in the branches last month, not including any CUDC approvals or indirect loans, we produced an amazing $14,726,902.29!  That’s more than double what we did last year!  I am so impressed and proud of our branch team!  The MSR closed loan referrals are starting to be tallied and I’ve NEVER seen so many before!  What fantastic teamwork!"


At The League's Consumer Lending Workshop, Celeste will share:


Day 1, Nov. 7 – key strategies for growth and profitability including:


  • Unique lending programs that have yielded 80 and 90 loans within hours


  • Proactive lending philosophies that are essential to increasing loans


  • Empowering staff as financial solution partners who convert on loan opportunities


  • What you can do to get staff enthusiastically engaged as loan generators


  • Steps to improve your risk and loss management


Day 2, Nov. 8 – hands-on credit scoring and analysis to capture more loan opportunities
  • How credit scores are calculated & analysis to determine what impacts them


  • Action plans to help members increase their credit scores


  • Evaluating risk without using the credit score


  • How to turn unsecured loan requests into secured loan requests


  • Identifying unsecured lines of credit on credit reports that can be transferred into secured loans to increase credit scores up to 100 points


  • How to turn high risk members into low risk members


  • Frameworks to help you make better loan decisions


Attend both days and save $49! Register now!


And take advantage of even more learning opportunities to help you grow your credit union's income.


Questions? Judy Phillips at (262) 408-6020.


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