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Quick Course Webinars On-Demand


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(30 minute session) Webinars are from The Wisconsin Credit Union League perspective, primarily compliance based courses. Brief and focus is on main points. Includes online link, handout materials and online access for 6 months from purchase date.


Tuition: $79.00

Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) for Directors

  • Basic Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) requirements, including having an effective training program and a qualified BSA Compliance Officer.
  • The necessity of a risk-based policy and the procedures to make it happen.


Decedents' Accounts

This session covers three questions that arise when a credit union member dies:

  • What proof of death does the credit union need?
  • Who is legally entitled to the funds in the account?
  • How should credit union claims be handled?


Financial Literacy - A Training Guide for Directors

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • The CAMEL Rating System and Risk
  • Key Ratios
  • Allowance for Loan and Lease Loss Account
  • What Questions to Ask About Your Financial Statements



Mortgage Payoff and Satisfaction

This presentation explains Wisconsin laws that govern requests for mortgage payoff statements, as well as when and how mortgages must be satisfied when they are paid. Understanding these rules is critical if credit unions want to avoid liability for mistakes.



Motor Vehicle Self-Help Repossession

Credit unions must  steer through a number of obstacles to ensure that they comply with the state's legal requirements to repossess properly. This webinar examines how credit unions can repossess vehicles in Wisconsin without having to go to court first, something that's commonly called self-help repossession.


Powers of Attorney

This session explores the steps a credit union should take:

  • When first presented with a POA, to be sure it’s valid, and
  • Whenever a POA agent wants to transact business on  an account, to be sure the POA authorizes it.


Representative Payees & Guardians

This session explains the basic rules on handling accounts for:

  • Representative payees, appointed by Social Security, and
  • Guardians of the Estate, appointed by the courts.


Wisconsin Consumer Act I:   Loan Agreements & Practices

This webinar looks at the Wisconsin Consumer Act's rules on loan agreements and lending practices. It explains which loans the Consumer Act covers, what terms can and cannot be included in those loan documents, and what lending practices the credit union must avoid to comply with Wisconsin law.

Wisconsin Consumer Act II: Delinquency & Collections
Covering the Wisconsin Consumer Act's delinquency and collections rules, this webinar includes information on late fees, determining when a consumer loan is in "default," sending a property Notice of Right to Cure, setoff, and a number of other important topics.

Wisconsin Marital Property Act

Join us for an overview of the Wisconsin Marital Property Act, a sometimes confusing set of laws that is unique to Wisconsin. We cover how spouses classify their assets and debts, how credit unions grant credit to a spouse applying alone, and how Marital Property laws affect collections.


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