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Members’ Conduit account - “Your Money. Your Choice.”

Campaigns for governor and state legislative offices are extremely expensive.  It takes an enormous amount of resources to hire staff, travel and communicate with the voters.  Without adequate financing, candidates that are allies of the credit union movement will not be able to run the type of campaign necessary in today's political landscape.  Therefore, credit union members must do what they can to help candidates supportive of our cause.


The Credit Union Members' Conduit is an organization, sponsored by The League, which receives and transfers contributions to candidates for state office or legislative committees.  Different from the political action committee, WCULAF, which follows the directions of the Government Affairs Committee, The League must obtain authorization from the conduit account holder in order to release funds to a candidate.  That means that The League must get your expressed permission before donating to an individual or organization.  By using the Members’ Conduit account, both the individual account holder and the credit union movement get credit for campaign fundraising efforts! 


The League will send out fundraising notices periodically, as well as update our fundraising page with new events, suggesting various candidates to donate to from your account.  You may release funds to a candidate of your choice at any time by clicking here.

The League will send out monthly balances to keep you up to date on how much you have in your account.  Please contact Chris Borgerding to update your contact information.


Every contribution is appreciated and helps to put credit unions in a better position to protect and promote their interests. Deposits may be made in a number of different ways:

  • By check made payable to "Members' Conduit Account" and mailed to The League, Attn: Wade Kutchera, N25W23131 Paul Road, Suite 500, Pewaukee, WI 53072. 
  • Online via credit card (Remember to log-in on the right hand side to access the payment link)
  • Payroll Deduction (please contact Sarah Wainscott to set up a Payroll Deduction program at your credit union)
  • If you’re interested in opening a Credit Union Members’ Conduit account please contact Sarah Wainscott at The League at (800) 242-0833, Ext. 6082. You will need to fill out an information sheet, located here.  


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Neither PAC nor conduit contributions are tax deductible. All contributions are strictly voluntary and will be used for political purposes. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal. The League and CUNA must meet all state and federal reporting requirements as appropriate.


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