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Wisconsin CU League News Release - 3/6/12


Award for Money Mission® shows more schools want interactive financial literacy tools


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Madison, WI -  A partnership between credit unions and high schools to make financial education relevant to teens has earned a Wisconsin Financial Literacy Award. The honor recognizes Money Mission®, an online life simulation that credit unions offer on their websites and schools use to engage their students in financial learning. So far, it is helping 4,000 students in 48 states learn the fundamentals of personal finance.


Money Mission® allows students, through a personalized avatar, to live in a virtual community in which they work, play, study and take advantage of opportunities and adventures. The immersive learning experience helps them learn the value of money as well as concepts ranging from taxes to inflation to globalism.


“Schools are pointing students to this resource as a way of making financial education fun and meaningful,” explained Brett Thompson, President & CEO of The Wisconsin Credit Union League. “The choices students make as part of their play influence not only how much money they have in their virtual wallets but the quality of their life. So students learn from this interaction that every decision they make with money can add or detract from that, creating an appreciation for careful money management.”


The learning experience is similar in span to the school year, with three 14-week sessions. A new video lesson is unlocked each week, with each lesson focusing on a financial topic while expanding on previous lessons.


Players compete for scholarships to help with tuition for post-secondary education. So far, $20,000 in scholarships has been awarded.


The award is bestowed by the Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy to honor efforts that improve personal finance knowledge among Wisconsin citizens.



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