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Wisconsin CU Chapter Events

CUNA Free Webinars

2014 Events (Dates & Locations Subject to Change)

20 New Opportunities Going Old School TeleConference

Managing E-Sign, E-Statements & E-Disclosures Webinar

Fair Lending TeleConference

Handling Dormant Accounts & Unclaimed Property Webinar

Obamacare and Credit Unions TeleConference

Real Estate Collections Under the New CFPB Mortgage Servicing Rule Webinar

IRA & HSA Review & Update, Including DOMA Implications Webinar

Deposit Account Regulations TeleConference

Fee Income 2014: Challenges, Issues & Whats on the Horizon Webinar

Meet NCUA Region 1 Director Larry Blankenberger Madison

Tweet Chat: Best Practices Recap of 2013 Twitter

CUNA: Free Webinar - E-Signature Basics for Credit Unions Webinar

Hosting a Retirement Fair Madison

Low Cost Compliance Tips TeleConference

Consumer Loan Portfolio Grading: Assessing Strengths & Mitigating Weaknesses Webinar

Marketing the Credit Union Thru Use of Economic Models TeleConference

Reg CC Funds Availability, Liability, Exceptions, Holds & More Webinar

Required Compliance for the Board & Senior Management, Including BSA Webinar

Reg Z TeleConference

What Is that Personal Tax Return Telling Me? Part 1: Form 1040, Schedule B, C, & D Webinar

Marketing Compliance TeleConference

Tax Refunds: ACH Posting, Exceptions & Liability Webinar

Best Practices in Used Car Lending TeleConference

Building a Better Board: Recruiting & Improving Your Credit Union Board Webinar

CFPB Examination Procedures for International Remittance Transfers (Archive Only) Webinar

Money Mission Webinar Webinar

The Security Function TeleConference

YP Pre Conference Advocacy Event Madison

Government Affairs Conference Madison

Imaged Documents: What to Keep, What to Destroy, What Holds Up in Court Webinar

Construction to Permanent Lending Under the New CFPB Mortgage Rules Webinar

HR Roundtable Appleton

Social Media - Promote Without Being Pushy TeleConference

IRAs Essentials Workshop - Day 1 Wisconsin Dells

The League Board Meeting Madison

Tweet Chat: Fostering Service Excellence Twitter

W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting Madison

IRAs Advanced Workshop - Day 2 Wisconsin Dells

New Perspective on Business Continuity TeleConference

Opening Accounts for Minors: Compliance, Ownership & Access Issues Webinar

Expanding Your Required IT Risk Assessment Program Webinar

CUNA Government Affairs Conference Washington, DC

Managing Your Loan Portfolio to Increase Profitability and Minimize Delinquencies TeleConference

The ALLL in Troubled Debt & Foreclosed Asset Restructuring Webinar

What Is That Personal Tax Return Telling Me? Part 2: Schedules E & F Webinar

Creating a Social Media Policy & Strategy That Everyone Can Like Webinar

RESPA Essentials & Overview Webinar

Loan Origination in the Current Regulatory Environment: Improving Compliance, Costs & Turnaround Times Webinar

Potential of the Hispanic Market TeleConference

More than a Balancing Act-Tellers TeleConference

Comprehensive Notary Training Webinar

Small Credit Union CEO Roundtable Wisconsin Dells

Open is the New Close TeleConference

Interagency Guidance for Reporting Elder Financial Exploitation (Archive Only) Webinar

Tweet Chat: Effective Communication Twitter

Vendor Contract Lifecycle Management: Risk, Compliance, Securing, Terminating & More Webinar

NCUA Free Webinar: Bank Secrecy Act Webinar

Understanding Asset Liability Management Concepts Webinar

Compliance Roundtable Wisconsin Dells

Reg CC TeleConference

Money Mission Webinar Webinar

Flood Insurance Compliance Update: Overview of New Biggert-Waters Rules Effective June 1, 2014 & FEMA Mapping Changes Webinar

Small Credit Union Marketing TeleConference

Regulatory Compliance for Lenders, Including BSA Webinar

Trust Compliance in Opening Accounts & Lending Webinar

Young Employees - Young Members - Great Growth TeleConference

Young Professionals Boot Camp: Strategic and Creative Outreach Eau Claire

ACH Rules Update 2014 Webinar

Accepting Powers-of-Attorney on Deposit Accounts Webinar

Money Smart Week

Clarifying Signature Card Confusion - Personal & Business Accounts: Compliance, Account Titling & Ownership Webinar

Capturing the Mom Market TeleConference

Collections Roundtable Appleton

Money Mission Webinar Webinar

Mobile Device Risks & Compliance Rules: Managing Your Credit Unions BYOD & COPE Policies Webinar

Tweet Chat: 3 Top Trends for CU Marketing Twitter

Responding to Official Demands for Member Funds: Subpoenas, Garnishments, Summonses, Levies Webinar

Examination Findings of CFPB Webinar

Rough Seas Ahead - Compliance Changes TeleConference

Cross-Selling for Front Line Staff TeleConference

Negotiable Instrument Precautions & Endorsement Risks Webinar

Ability to Repay - Are You in Compliance with New CFPB Rules? Webinar

Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago Credit Union Conference - Complimentary Chicago

BSA Officer Duties & Update Webinar

Understanding E-Check Requirements and Warranties TeleConference

Patch Management - The Art & Science of Keeping Software Current Webinar

10 Best Practices in Board Governance: How the Board Can Protect Your Credit Union Webinar

Collaboration Tips & Case Studies for Small Credit Unions to Survive & Thrive TeleConference

ATM & Electronic Fraud Prevention TeleConference

Call Reports: Interpreting the Most Recent Changes Webinar

Complex ACH Challenges for RDFIs: Exceptions, Errors & More Webinar

The League Annual Convention & Exposition Milwaukee

New Mortgage Rules - RESPA TeleConference

Defining the Board Versus Auditor Supervisory Committee Responsibilities Webinar

Auditing Your Loan Portfolio: Consumer, Commercial & Real Estate Webinar

How to Avoid Lender Liability Claims: Compliance, Regulatory Issues & Best Practices Webinar

Transitioning to Supervisor TeleConference

Money Mission Webinar Webinar

Implementing the New ACH Security Framework Requirements Webinar

Key Ratio Analysis - Calculating the Numbers Effectively TeleConference

Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) Roundtable Madison

Reporting Your Members Credit: Understanding Increasing Regulatory Requirements Webinar

When Social Media Attacks TeleConference

IT Audit for Credit Unions Webinar

CTR/SARs TeleConference

Keeping Collateral: How to Perfect, Get Priority & Liquidate Liens Under Article 9 Revisions Webinar

Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) Roundtable La Crosse

Head Teller Development: Improving Teller Performance Webinar

NASCUS Directors College Appleton

The League Board Meeting Madison

W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting Madison

Converting Indirect Borrowers to Multi Relationship Members TeleConference

How to Legally Recover Unauthorized ACH Withdrawals After the NACHA return Deadlines Webinar

Wisconsin Real Estate Lending Compliance Conference Wisconsn Dells

CFPB & Interagency Guidance for Residential Mortgage Foreclosures, Modifications & Workouts Webinar

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Update TeleConference

Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) Roundtable Oak Creek

Completing the CTR Report Line by Line Webinar

Corporate Central Credit Union Annual Meeting Waukesha

How to Handle Difficult Members: Effectively Dealing with Intimidation, Negativity & Anger Webinar

Teller Regs TeleConference

Complimentary Filene Webinar: Engaging and Empowering Members for Long Term Growth Webinar

FREE CFPB Webinar: TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule Webinar

Loan Modifications TeleConference

Processing IRA Rollovers & Transfers Webinar

Tweet Chat: Member Outreach Twitter

Regulatory Compliance for the Frontline, Including BSA Webinar

FREE Webinar on Auto Loan Generation via Invest in America Webinar

I Tweeted, I Linked, I Connected TeleConference

Chapter Leaders Conference Wisconsin Dells

Money Mission Webinar Webinar

Regulation E & Debit Card Error Resolution: Processing, Disclosure & Investigation Webinar

The Overlooked Majority: Women TeleConference

Mainstreaming Mobile Remote Deposit Capture: Adoption, Deployment, Operations & Risks Webinar

No One Ever Made a Bad Loan - Even with Risk or Merit Based Lending TeleConference

Americas Credit Union Conference San Francisco, CA

Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) Roundtable Wisconsin Rapids

Running Effective Sales Meetings TeleConference

Will Your AML/BSA/OFAC Program Satisfy Examiner Scrutiny? Webinar

Consumer Loan Documentation Webinar

CUNA: SBA Disaster Preparedness Webinar Webinar

Foundations of Financial Literacy for Directors: Analysis of Financials & Calculation of Ratios Webinar

Completing the SAR Report Line by Line Webinar

NCUA: Free Mobile App Webinar Webinar

Personal Survival - 25 Rules to Live By TeleConference

FREE NCUA: Chairman Listening Session Chicago

The Rise of Bitcoin & Virtual Currencies: Impact, Bottom Line & What You Should Know Now! Webinar

Self-Employed Borrower Tax Implications for Qualified Mortgages Under the New CFPB Income Verification Rules Webinar

Tweet Chat: Teamwork Twitter

Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) Roundtable Superior

Overdraft Protection Review, Update & Issues Webinar

New Product Development - Top 10 TeleConference

Ensuring Data Security: What You Need to Know Now Webinar

Stress Testing for Enterprise Risk Management Webinar

Money Mission Webinar Webinar

Steps to SAFE Act Registration, Renewal & Compliance for Mortgage Loan Originators Webinar

Avoiding HMDA Reporting Mistakes Webinar

CUNA Webinar: Build Internal Buy-In for Hispanic Growth Plans (Free) Webinar

Defining Trends in Image Technology (Postponed) TeleConference

Federal Government ACH Payments: Reclamations & Garnishments Webinar

Open Dialogue with NCUA Chair Matz Wausau

Safe Deposit Box Policies and Procedures TeleConference

Wire Transfer Compliance Webinar

Managing for Ultimate Performance: The 6 Building Blocks for Success Webinar

Website Compliance TeleConference

Power of the Mortgage Market TeleConference

Regulatory Implications of FFIEC Authentication Guidance Webinar

Red Flags for ID Theft, Bribery & Privacy Webinar

Facing the Tough Employee Stuff TeleConference

NCUA OSCUI Leadership Boot Camp Milwaukee

ALM - 11 Key Ratios You Should Know TeleConference

The League Board Meeting Pewaukee

Tweet Chat: Creativity Twitter

W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting Pewaukee

Compliance Management & Fair Lending Training for the Board Webinar

CUNA Webinar: How to Create Successful Business Relationships within the Hispanic Community (Free) Webinar

Home Equity/Second Lien Risk Management Webinar

Marketers Roundtable Wisconsin Dells

Money Mission Webinar Webinar

Business Accounts: Who is Authorized to Open, Close, Transact? Webinar

FREE CFPB Webinar: New Mortgage Disclosures Webinar

UDAAP Trends TeleConference

Young Professionals Boot Camp Jefferson

Putting the Credit Back into Credit Unions TeleConference

Escrow Account Compliance Webinar

Required Compliance for the Front Line TeleConference

The Two Most Important Numbers for Dealing with IRAs & HSAs: IRS Publications 590 & 969 Webinar

Advanced Financial Literacy for Directors: Applying Ratio Analysis to Manage the Balance Sheet & Maximize Income Webinar

Compliance Roundtable Pewaukee

Internet Website Compliance TeleConference

The League Invitational Golf Outing Wisconsin Dells

Writing Effective Credit Memos & Loan Narratives Webinar

Branding From the Inside Out for Growth TeleConference

Midsize Credit Union CEO Roundtable Wisconsin Dells

Auditing Social Media: Planning & Risk Control Matrices Webinar

CU House / Hike the Hill Washington, DC

The Regulations of Social Marketing TeleConference

Tweet Chat: Financial Literacy Twitter

Electronic Business Records: 7 - Step Strategy for Effective & Compliant Record Management Webinar

Conducting the 2014 ACH Audit Webinar

How to Motivate Others TeleConference

ICUL: Lending School Naperville, IL

NACHA Rules Versus Reg E Rules: Which Takes Legal Priority in Which Situation? Webinar

Association of Credit Union Internal Auditors (ACUIA) Madison

CO-OP FREE Webinar Tokenization, NFC and Apple Pay Webinar

CUNA Webinar: Lessons Learned by CEOs of Hispanic-Serving Credit Unions (Free) Webinar

Effective Loan Reviews TeleConference

Leadership Workshop Wisconsin Dells

The Role of the Board in the Examination Process Webinar

Data Loss Prevention: Myths, Sources, Risks & Solutions Webinar

Money Mission Webinar Webinar

Account Administration TeleConference

FREE CFPB Webinar: Frequently Asked Questions on TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures, Part 3 Webinar

Member Business Lending: Risks, Rewards, Controls & Common Mistakes Webinar

Mortgage Related Regulatory Issues TeleConference

12 Fundamental Audit Steps to Strengthen Internal Controls Webinar

CUNA MUTUAL Group Webinar: Auto Loan Recapture®, Universal Auto and Next Car Purchase Webinar

Vendor Management TeleConference

Compliance & Legal Issues in Employee Screening: Pre-Hire & Post-Hire Webinar

Small Credit Union CEO Roundtable Wisconsin Dells

YP Roundtable: Internal YP Groups Madison

Reg E for the Frontline: Compliance & Guidance for Error Resolution Webinar

Successful Credit Union Survey Tips TeleConference

Regulatory Compliance for Deposit Operations, Including BSA Webinar

Lets Find Ways to Make Loans - Not Turn Them Down TeleConference

NCUA Webinar Series: Product Pricing: Getting it Right Webinar

International Credit Union Day

Recent Accounting Developments & Future Issues Webinar

Directors Conference Madison

Wisconsin Summit of Financial Literacy Green Bay

Money Mission Webinar Webinar

CUNA Free Webinar: Calculating Todays Cost of a Data Breach Webinar

Director and Officer Liability TeleConference

Turning Credit Union Financial Statements into Useful Ratios & Trends Webinar

Tweet Chat: Credit Union Philosophy Twitter

Collections Roundtable Wisconsin Dells

Safe Deposit Boxes: Compliance, Legal Issues, Delinquencies & Death Webinar

Bankruptcy $eminar Wisconsin Dells

GFE & HUD-1 Now: Dealing with Current Forms, Current Challenges & Regulator Hot Buttons Webinar

Telephone Skills TeleConference

Filene: Its A Money Thing (Free) Webinar

Data Loss Prevention TeleConference

How to Reduce IT Risk Assessment Time by 70% & Still Satisfy Examiners & Your Board Webinar

Social Media Update: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & You Tube Webinar

Decision Roadmap for the New TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosure Forms Webinar

Managing & Measuring Your Reputation Risk TeleConference

CUNA Community Credit Union & Growth Conference Las Vegas

Mobile Payments: What You Need to Know Now & an Overview of Apple Pay Webinar

Why Cant We All Just Get Along TeleConference

Top 10 Ways to Improve Skills as a Supervisory Committee Member Webinar

Creating a Lending Machine TeleConference

Large Credit Union CEO Roundtable Kohler

Wage & Hour Seminar Wisconsin Dells

Obtaining & Securing Judgment Liens Webinar

How to Build a Successful Compliance Program TeleConference

Best Practices in Consumer Lending TeleConference

Consumer Lending Workshop Wisconsin Dells

IRS Reporting Requirements: 1098s, 1099s, TINs, Backup Withholding & Recent FATCA Updates Webinar

Expanding Loan Portfolios & Improving Loan Profitability Using Credit Migration Modeling Webinar

NCUA Webinar Series: Building a Loan Portfolio: Four Keys to Lending Webinar

Decoding the Exam Process TeleConference

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) Wisconsin Dells

Robbery Preparedness for All Staff Webinar

Ability to Repay & Qualified Mortgages: Lessons Learned the Hard Way & 2015 Changes Webinar

Filene Think Do. Change 2015: Whats the big darn deal? Madison

Handling ACH Exceptions & Returns, Including Recent NACHA Rule Changes Webinar

Identity Theft Red Flags TeleConference

Opening Accounts for Nonprofit Organizations Webinar

From Managing to Leading TeleConference

Traditional & Roth IRA Reporting Responsibilities: Requirements, Issues & Answers Webinar

Young Professionals Boot Camp- Future of Credit Unions Oshkosh

Money Mission Webinar Webinar

New CFPB Rules for Annual Privacy Notices: Effective Immediately Webinar

Introductions to Credit Unions TeleConference

Residential Appraisal Review Webinar

Self-Examination for Fair Lending Compliance Webinar

Opening Deposit Accounts Online: Risk CIP & CDD Issues TeleConference

The League Board Meeting Madison

W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting Madison

What Can We Learn from Failed Credit Unions? Webinar

Managing the Force-Placed Flood & Hazard Insurance Processes Webinar

Denied Loan Requirements: Consumer, Commercial & Residential Webinar

Advertising Compliance: Website, Print, TV & Radio Webinar

NCUA Webinar Series: Internal Controls Webinar

eBanking Incident Response: Do You Have a Plan if a Member is a Cybercrime Victim? Webinar

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