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Getting Started with REAL Solutions


Who is involved


Wisconsin Credit Union League Program Coordinator

Chad Helminak, Vice President - Development, (800) 242-0833, Ext. 6012


National Credit Union Foundation

Lois Kitsch, National Program Manager,



When you sign up for REAL Solutions®, expect:


  • Resources filled with REAL Solutions® information, including the Welcome Package, communication materials to help explain credit unions' collective effort, and new ideas as part of participant meetings.
  • Opportunities to form partnerships in offering REAL Solutions® and advocacy opportunities to share your success with others.
  • Training to boost your knowledge of underserved markets, predatory lenders and more.
  • Regular updates from The League to help you expand your REAL Solutions® and share new opportunities.


Get started with the REAL Solutions® initiative with these easy steps:


1. Display your credit union's REAL Solutions® member certificate.


2. Display your REAL Solutions® window cling.


3. Join the 1 with The League campaign by signing on as an Activist.


4. Consult the REAL Solutions® Calendar and get involved in REAL Solutions® programs currently underway.


5. Find out what programs fall under REAL Solutions® and get ideas for new programs your credit union can implement by visiting the REAL Solutions® Services page.


6. Seek training and funding to further your credit union's REAL Solutions® efforts.


7. Tell your story using sample communications from The League.


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