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Leading financial institutions rely on STAR/First Data for complete ATM and debit card services


The STAR® Network provides financial institutions with the services they need to offer secure, expansive account access to your cardholders. 


Financial institutions can generate significant new revenues by issuing either MasterCard® debit cards or Visa check cards. Not only does the financial institution receive a percentage of every sale, but frequently monthly or annual card fees are tied to the product offering. Cardholders enjoy the convenience of being able to use this enhanced ATM card at millions of merchant locations worldwide displaying the MasterCard and Visa logos. Plus, they feel more secure since they don’t have to carry cash or write a check. Merchants enjoy the fact that payment is guaranteed, customers generally purchase more and there’s reduced cash and check handling. And FIRST DATA can handle it all for you.


Adding signature debit capabilities to your institution’s card program can expand your appeal to the active, busy consumers who rely on the convenience of electronic banking. Supplementing the FIRST DATA symbol with the Visa® or MasterCard® symbol is a powerful and flexible financial tool. Your cardholders will enjoy global ATM access, and can pay for purchases at merchants around the world that accept Visa or MasterCard debit cards.


FIRST DATA offers a full turnkey signature debit card program that supports both Visa Check® and MasterCard® Debit card programs.


Add The League Services Corp.’s Want Rewards™ Program to your debit card program and see increase usage, card growth and sales volume.


To learn more contact Tara Koplien, Product and Service Manager - W.C.U.L. Services Corp., at (800) 242-0833, Ext. 6006.

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