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11/24/2014 CUNA/CFA Holiday Spending Trends Survey 2014
11/19/2014 Credit Unions Top In Customer Satisfaction Among Financial Institutions
10/02/2014 2.5 million Wisconsin consumers have two causes for celebration on Oct. 16
09/05/2014 Governor Scott Walker: Commendation on 100 million memberships
08/06/2014 100M memberships reached at U.S. credit unions; millions of dollars saved in WI annually
08/05/2014 U.S. Rep. Duffy brings credit unions together with federal regulator in Wausau
05/20/2014 Credit unions are top providers of best tactics to teach money management
04/16/2014 Credit union regulatory reform package signed into law
03/27/2014 Credit unions teach financial skills year-round, not just during Financial Literacy Month
02/11/2014 Bipartisan agreement found in regulatory reforms for state credit unions
02/10/2014 Credit unions offer 300K hours of free help, $1 billion in savings
11/27/2013 Wisconsin credit unions to receive Friend of Small Business Award
10/16/2013 A young Wisconsinite can save $117,000 over a lifetime using a credit union
08/15/2013 U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin voices support for credit union tax status
06/24/2013 Credit unions are a resource as feds consider hike in student loan rates
05/03/2013 Wisconsin mans 37-year career with credit unions improved Americans financial well-being
04/16/2013 Big savings - $1 billion since 2007 in Wisconsin - attracts more consumers to credit unions
04/08/2013 Statement by Brett Thompson regarding transition in Director at Wisconsin Office of Credit Unions (state regulator)
01/30/2013 Credit unions thank Racine Mayor Dickert for small business credit advocacy
01/21/2013 Credit unions saved Wisconsin consumers close to $1 billion since start of recession
11/27/2012 80% of Wisconsin voters support legislation to boost small business credit
11/20/2012 Despite bankers rhetoric, credit unions are a boon to Wisconsin consumers
11/15/2012 Holiday Spending Tips from Wisconsin's Credit Unions
11/12/2012 Credit unions thank Madison Mayor Soglin for small business credit advocacy
10/24/2012 1 year after Bank Transfer Day, consumers still fleeing to credit unions here, nationally
10/05/2012 Credit unions honored for community involvement as the world, Wisconsin celebrate cooperatives
09/14/2012 Consumers—who are the real winners—can celebrate credit unions' success
08/13/2012 Credit unions’ strong financial results represent consumer savings, not “subsidy”
07/24/2012 Credit unions rate high for trust, loyalty, web experience, reputation and more
06/28/2012 Credit unions to discuss competitiveness with Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.
05/30/2012 Researchers say credit unions' online investment ed program positively changes behavior
05/17/2012 Wisconsin Bankers Association flip-flops on credit unions' competence while fighting jobs bill
04/19/2012 Credit unions teach financial skills year-round, not just during Financial Literacy Month
04/16/2012 The real facts support federal small business job creation legislation
04/03/2012 Governor signs three pieces of legislation that deepen credit unions’ role in their communities
03/06/2012 Award for Money Mission® shows more schools want interactive financial literacy tools
02/16/2012 Bill to increase credit unions’ donation limit for first time in 40 years passes state Legislature
02/06/2012 Need cash? Website shows how to get your tax refund fast and free, help to file
01/24/2012 Credit union bill to increase community/charitable donations passes state Senate unanimously
01/23/2012 Credit unions delivered $201 million to Wisconsin consumers in 2011, and more, report says
11/04/2011 650,000 U.S. Consumers already switched to Credit Unions Before "Bank Transfer Day"
10/31/2011 Wisconsin credit unions gear up for inquiries as part of “Bank Transfer Day” Nov. 5
10/27/2011 Bankers Association defense for banks’ TARP shell game is itself a shell game
10/19/2011 Consumers fed up with high bank fees have an alternative: credit unions
10/10/2011 TARP II: Banks repay bailout debt with taxpayer funds that should be helping small businesses
09/06/2011 WI citizens say increasing credit union business lending is a “no brainer,” but Congress deaf
08/29/2011 Credit union finder also shows how consumers, small businesses save on financial services
08/18/2011 95 credit union branches inside Wisconsin schools teach a valuable habit: saving money
08/12/2011 Banks urging government to heap taxes on consumers
08/04/2011 Billions in bailouts not enough; banks now asking government to raise taxes on consumers
06/26/2011 Credit Unions Disappointed Gov. Walker Failed to Veto Conversion Policy in Budget Bill
06/17/2011 Governor veto needed to protect millions of Wisconsin consumers from losing credit unions
06/13/2011 Credit unions’ 1st quarter results reflect continued help for millions of Wisconsin citizens
05/17/2011 Coalition’s support for easier credit union-to-bank conversions supports a narrow interest, not that of the 2.2 million member-owners of the financial co-ops
05/12/2011 Anti-consumer, banker-driven provision slipped into State Budget Bill
04/13/2011 April is financial literacy month, but credit unions teach financial skills year-round
02/28/2011 Need cash? Website shows how to get your tax refund fast and free, help to file
02/21/2011 Credit unions delivered $203 million to Wisconsin consumers in 2010, and more, report says
02/14/2011 WI employers vie for free staff training that will help employees, boost productivity
02/03/2011 Steelers no match for the Pack: WI Credit Union Foundation expects to win Super Bowl wager
01/24/2011 Statement by Wisconsin Credit Union League President Brett Thompson: Reaction to Governor Walker’s appointment of the Director of the Office of Credit Unions
10/22/2010 International Credit Union Week: Low-income and minority mortgage borrowers approved more often at credit unions
10/21/2010 International Credit Union Week: Families have taken refuge in credit unions during the economic downturn
10/20/2010 International Credit Union Week: Credit unions are making Wisconsin consumers more money savvy
10/19/2010 International Credit Union Week: Students call the shots at 109 credit union branches inside Wisconsin schools
10/18/2010 International Credit Union Week: Effort pioneered by Wisconsin credit unions returns $7 billion annually to consumers nationwide
08/31/2010 Statement: Reaction to the Wisconsin Bankers Association’s press release regarding the Presidential Economic Recovery Advisory Board
08/25/2010 WBA’s swipe at credit unions to serve more underserved is shameful
08/19/2010 Citizens support making more business credit available at no cost to taxpayers
07/30/2010 Congress yet to act on credit union provision to help main street businesses
05/19/2010 Wisconsin credit unions set lofty goal: to stimulate investing among the least-likely investors
04/14/2010 Statement by Wisconsin Credit Union League President & CEO Brett Thompson
04/08/2010 Banks business lending drops; credit unions fill void
03/01/2010 Wisconsin CUs win fourth Governor’s Award for educating 3,520 staff on investing
02/02/2010 Direct deposit, free-filing options can save taxpayers time and money
01/18/2010 Credit unions saw largest membership growth in a decade in 2009, report says
10/28/2009 Study calls credit unions’ credit cards a “benchmark” for fairness to consumers
10/26/2009 Credit unions stand ready to rescue businesses imperiled by credit crunch
10/13/2009 Slow economic recovery ahead, but credit unions’ traits will help financial sector
09/24/2009 Banking trade association ignores facts, puts self-interest ahead of consumers
09/14/2009 Flawed report ignores credit unions’ success in serving Wisconsin’s families
08/10/2009 Wisconsin credit unions see membership, savings phenomenon described by Kiplinger’s
07/07/2009 Credit unions’ credit card practices applauded in light of federal credit card reforms
06/24/2009 Teachers looking to improve students’ financial skills get help from credit unions
05/28/2009 Credit unions are preventing or saving members from debt caused by payday loans
05/15/2009 Statement by Brett Thompson concerning favorable court ruling on credit union’s loan-related products
05/06/2009 Fixing the economy starts locally: credit unions’ test of investment education on behavior could provide a model to restore economic health
03/31/2009 Haven’t filed your taxes yet? Don’t forget about fast, free options
03/17/2009 Credit unions reporting incidents of automated phone calling scams
03/09/2009 Wisconsin credit unions doing well despite turmoil in financial markets
03/06/2009 Wisconsin credit unions win third Governor’s Award for youth-run, in-school branches
02/24/2009 Scam artists use economic uncertainty to target small businesses
01/27/2009 More consumers are discovering credit unions during tough economic times
01/08/2009 Credit unions may help automakers add billions in sales, put 4 million new cars on the road
01/07/2009 Opening of Credit Union House signifies a strong need for credit unions statewide
11/10/2008 Scam artists may prey on consumers’ financial fears
10/16/2008 All consumers have reasons to celebrate credit unions during October
10/07/2008 Effective immediately: Credit union deposit insurance coverage extended to $250,000
09/25/2008 Renewed interest in federally insured credit unions is likely as they’re lauded for their safety, role in continuing to provide credit as part of economic recovery
08/18/2008 Wisconsin students going back to school excel at something Americans don’t – saving money

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