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REAL Solutions®

Wisconsin credit unions were the first in the nation to pioneer a groundbreaking effort called REAL Solutions®.



REAL Solutions® is a statewide initiative to help real Wisconsinites build financially strong, self-supporting families and communities by offering innovative services and programs that:

  • Offer affordable alternatives to high-cost financial products and services.
  • Reduce dependency on predatory financial providers.
  • Increase financial literacy.
  • Improve personal financial management.
  • Encourage saving and wealth-building.
  • Build creditworthiness.
  • Provide an avenue to personal financial stability.
  • Improve the financial and economic well-being of Wisconsin communities.


REAL Solutions® offers important outreach to people with low or moderate incomes, new Americans and the "unbanked" – people who, without help from non-for-profit, member-owned credit unions – might be locked out of affordable saving and borrowing opportunities. As member-owned organizations whose sole purpose is to meet members' needs – regardless of members' wealth or whether the institution profits – credit unions care intrinsically about people’s personal financial health and the well-being of their communities!


Through REAL Solutions®, Wisconsin consumers can gain the solid financial footing they need to remain self-supporting, contributing members of our state's economy. REAL Solutions® isn't any particular program or service – it's a commitment by Wisconsin credit unions to offer financial solutions that improve the lives of their members and communities.

REAL Solutions® is among many reasons why credit unions differ from other financial institutions. To learn more about credit unions and locate one near you, please visit

Advocate the CU Difference with the REAL Solutions Scorecard
The Scorecard showcases the success of Wisconsin credit unions’ REAL Solutions – voluntary programs and services offered by credit unions to help members and communities. It shows that credit unions are socially responsible without any state or federal mandates requiring it.

Recognition for REAL Solutions
Wisconsin credit unions have received seven top awards in seven years for their efforts to help members save and build wealth.

Community Investment Fund
Support REAL Solutions, the National Credit Union Foundation and The Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation by investing in the Community Investment Fund.

REAL Solutions Leadership
Discover who's supporting REAL Solutions® and who to contact with questions or requests for information.

REAL FundingRestricted
Opportunities for credit unions

REAL Services
An overview that shows some of the ways Wisconsin credit unions are helping their members and community build a strong, financial future.

Links to news stories that pertain to REAL Solutions®

REAL ResourcesRestricted
Materials and information that help credit unions develop REAL Solutions®

REAL Sample CommunicationsRestricted
Find all the sample materials you need for any of the REAL Solutions® programs.

NCUF REAL Solutions® webpage
Access additional resources and learn what credit unions are doing nationwide as part of REAL Solutions® initiative.