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August 2014 - Question: Must we always report workplace injuries to our workers comp carrier, or can we just take care of small “claims” ourselves? We’re afraid our rates may go up.


09/10/2014 WCUL will not offer combined TILA-RESPA disclosure forms new
09/02/2014 2014 August ii Transmittal Sheet
08/26/2014 Remittance transfer exception extended until 2020
08/26/2014 CFPB updates dollar amounts for credit card penalties, HOEPA triggers and QM limits
08/08/2014 Prompt attention needed . . .
08/06/2014 Compliance TIP: Electronic delivery of IRS information return statements to members (8/06/14)
08/05/2014 Register now for August 26th CFPB webinar on new mortgage disclosures


09/16/2014 ** Description of September 2014 ii Release Revisionsnew
09/16/2014 0101   Truth in Savings
09/16/2014 B030   Adjustable Rate Mortgage Lending Programs
09/16/2014 B046   Consumer Kwik-Cash Loans
09/16/2014 B063   FTC Rule on Preservation of Consumers’ Claims and Defenses
09/16/2014 B068   Reg. Z – Higher-Priced Mortgage Loans
09/12/2014 0124   Advertising Compliance Checklist


09/17/2014 Electronic Business Records: 7 - Step Strategy for Effective & Compliant Record Management
09/18/2014 Conducting the 2014 ACH Audit
09/23/2014 NACHA Rules Versus Reg E Rules: Which Takes Legal Priority in Which Situation?
09/24/2014 The Role of the Board in the Examination Process
09/24/2014 CUNA Webinar: Lessons Learned by CEOs of Hispanic-Serving Credit Unions (Free)


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TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (eff. 8/1/2015)