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The League's Education department offers a wide variety of course offerings at our Pewaukee location and around the state. In addition we offer webinars, teleconferences, online and self-study programs for your convenience. Please browse our calendar of events for a complete course listing.


Please contact Jennifer Esser at (262) 549-0200 with any questions about any of the courses listed in our calendar or if you would like to schedule in house training.


8/25  Money Mission Webinar
8/26  UDAAP Trends
8/26  Business Accounts: Who is Authorized to Open, Close, Transact?
8/26  FREE CFPB Webinar: New Mortgage Disclosures
8/27  Young Professionals Boot Camp
8/28  Putting the Credit Back into Credit Unions
9/03  Escrow Account Compliance
9/04  The Two Most Important Numbers for Dealing with IRAs & HSAs: IRS Publications 590 & 969
9/04  Required Compliance for the Front Line
9/09  Compliance Roundtable