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League Leadership

Government Affairs Committee
The Government Affairs Committee gives League staff direction regarding federal and state legislation as well as regulations and rules affecting Wisconsin credit unions. The committee also assists in the development of a grassroots network of credit union Activists to help carry out political activism and fund-raising.

League Board of Directors
Meet The League's Board of Directors.

League Services Corp. Board of DirectorsRestricted
Information on The League Services Corp.'s Board of Directors

REAL Solutions® & 1 with The League Councils combined
The REAL Solutions® and 1 with The League Councils are being combined. The combined council will guide the development of REAL Solutions® programs and services but also guide how it is leveraged as part of public advocacy efforts, such as through Activist networking and local and League communications.

Regulatory Advocacy Council
The Regulatory Advocacy Council is tasked with advising The League on the overall impact or proposed new or modified regulations. Council members' input will help The League communicate effectively the complexities and operational impact of new regulations pertaining to credit unions.

Services Advisory Council
This group will advise The League and The League Services Corp. in the development of new products and services that will help credit unions grow and prosper.

Young Professionals Network
The YP Network is an open group for Wisconsin CU staff and volunteers (ages 35 years and younger) that focuses on providing career development opportunities, networking and education. The YP Network is managed under the guidance of its YP Advisory Board and The League.