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Young Professionals Council and Youth Involvement

The Young Professionals Council is a group of credit union staff and volunteers, 35 years of age and younger. The goal of the Council is to (1) promote its members' personal and professional growth, and (2) provide direction and support to develop The Network - an  informal association of young credit union staff and volunteers in Wisconsin that are interested in education, development and networking opportunities within the credit union movement. The Council may also be asked to provide input on educational programs and outreach directed toward young adults.


The Young Professionals Council will be appointed annually at the sole discretion of The League President and meet as requested by League staff, at least 3 times annually.


Council candidates must have a strong interest or be currently engaged in credit union advocacy, education or volunteerism beyond their current job role (examples include, but not limited to: registered Activist, Chapter leader, involvement in community outreach and events, youth financial education presenter).



 Council Member  Credit Union  Position
 Donald Emmer  CitizensFirst CU  Committee Member
 Rhea Hogden  Co-op CU  Committee Member
 Heather Ristow  Heritage CU  Committee Member
 Joshua Roberts  Enterprise CU  Committee Member
 Erin Steffen  Horizon Community CU  Committee Member
 Chad Helminak  The League  League Liaison

League Councils will be appointed annually in the discretion of The League President and shall meet as requested by League staff - preferably at least twice annually.


Not a member of the Council? Join The Network!

Are you looking for a way to network with other young credit union professionals while also staying informed about what's happening within the movement? Look no further than The League's newly created young professionals network – The Network.

The Network is a open group for Wisconsin's young credit union professionals, ages 35 years and younger, that aims to provide relevant networking, education and outreach opportunities to young professionals who are looking to develop their careers and become more involved in the credit union movement.

The network is directed by The Wisconsin Credit Union League, under the guidance of its Young Professionals Council.

Joining the Network is free (!) and here's what you'll receive as a Network member:


  • Networking and idea sharing meet-ups. Network members will have access to informal networking and idea sharing meet-ups around the state. Network or share ideas with like-minded young professionals, listen to guest speakers and discuss credit union industry topics, meet-ups will help Network members implement new ideas at their credit union and help them find new and innovative ways to excel at their job.
  • News and resources. By joining The Network members will have instant access to an online network of more than 100 young credit union professionals from around the country, to engage in credit union topics and more. Members will also receive regular updates on scholarships, events and development opportunities that will help them cultivate skills that will last them a lifetime in the credit union movement.
  • Exclusive discounts. Network members will receive exclusive offers and invites to attend some of the most important credit union conferences around. Network members will be eligible for discounts on event registration costs, cheaper hotel deals and other perks.


Learn from your peers and get energized to make a difference within your credit union and the movement by taking 3 easy steps:

  1. Register for the Network - this online form takes 2 minutes to fill out and will get you registered on the network.
  2. Join the Network's Facebook Group - our private Network group where we'll throw ideas around and share most of our news and updates.
  3. Become a fan of The Network on Facebook - our public page, which will allow us to share more general news and YP goings-on outside of our network.