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Investor Education in Your Workplace™ 

A workplace-based financial education program pioneered by Wisconsin credit unions


Wisconsin companies and thousands of their employees are benefiting from a financial education program that was developed and piloted in 2009 for the first time in the United States by Wisconsin credit unions.

The Investor Education in Your Workplace™ program has provided a total value of $400,000 in free training for as many as 4,000 employees of Wisconsin firms. It has been generously funded by the Investor Protection Trust*

The program invites Wisconsin companies of any size to participate.

Skilled community educators from Wisconsin credit unions play a role in the program as part of Wisconsin credit unions' REAL Solutions initiative, which helps people of all income levels build wealth. As not-for-profits that do not have stockholders, credit unions’ role is to help people regardless of profits.

Program origin and evolution

The program originated in 2009 as an effort by Wisconsin credit unions seeking to educate their own staff so that, in turn, they could proactively stimluate investing among their 2.2 million members.

The RP3 program, as it was called when it first began, provided 30,000 hours of basic online investment education for 3,520 employees of 80 Wisconsin credit unions. The effort was honored with a Governor’s Financial Literacy Award in 2010.

Also in 2010, a select group of RP3 grads completed an additional 50 hours of coursework to become CFE® Certified Financial Educators® (CFE®). Now those specially trained community educators will offer the same basic online program they initially completed to employers across the state under the new program name, Investor Education in Your Workplace.™ 

Training that has been proven effective!
Credit union employees who completed the program in 2009 saw huge success:

  • An average passing grade of 87.69% on coursework
  • An average 23.31% improvement in knowledge
  • Positive changes in their financial behaviors including 5% to 50% increases in the number of participants to create a family budget; set short-, medium- and long-term goals, as well as make regular contributions to a tax-deferred retirement plan like an IRA or 401(k).


The training covers:

  • Investing Basics, Goals, Strategy & Choices
  • Certificates, Money Market, Mutual funds, Stocks, Bonds
  • Formula Investment Plans and Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Education Planning
  • Retirement Planning &Terminology 


Teach employees to:

  • Set financial & investment goals
  • Distinguish short-, mid- and long-term financial goals
  • Establish an emergency fund
  • Select investments to achieve short-, mid- and long-term goals
  • Tap the power of compounding interest
  • Realize the tax advantages of 401(k) and IRAs
  • Identify the features and limitations of 401(k)s
  • Maximize the power of tax-deferral on investment returns
  • Use tax-deferred savings vehicles like IRAs, 401(k)s, etc.
  • Manage risk as a saver/investor
  • Diversify an investment portfolio
  • Appreciate the role of financial professionals
  • Deploy dollar cost averaging, automatic savings plans & other tools

Benefits for participating companies

By making participating employees more financially fit, participating companies may see improved bottom-line results including:
  • Employees that are less stressed, happier and more productive
  • Fewer workplace distractions
  • Improved employee morale
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Decreased turnover

Participating organizations receive:

  • Facilitation and coaching by CFE® Certified Financial Educators (CFE®). These are skilled community educators that have received rigorous financial education training from the Heartland Institute. They are bound by a code of conduct to provide unbiased information and not promote specific financial products, partners or services.
  • Free online coursework - a value of more than $400,000 to Wisconsin companies. Content consists of approximately 10-hours of self-paced learning for each participant and is conducted solely online.  Participating companies are encouraged to allow employees to engage in the coursework during working hours although that is not required. Employee participation will be strictly voluntary.
  • A program welcome kit that includes simple, step-by-step instructions for getting started, certificates for staff that complete the program, assistance from CFE® Certified Financial Educators (CFE®) throughout the program, and ongoing webinars as the program progresses to encourage progress on the part of employee-participants.
  • Recognition for varying levels of staff participation, at gold, silver and bronze levels.



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*This project is funded in part by a grant from the Investor Protection Trust (IPT). The IPT is a Washington, DC-based nonprofit organization dedicated to investor education. Since 1993 the IPT has worked with the states to provide the independent, objective investor education needed by all Americans to make informed investment decisions. Visit

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