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2008 Hot Topics
12/31/2008 Regulation B and Marital Status Discrimination: Are You in Compliance?
12/22/2008 Federal Financial Regulators Issue Revised Identity Theft Brochure
12/22/2008 Reg. Z Changes Finalized for Open-End Lending
12/12/2008 Want to make sure your staff is using the latest compliance information from The League?
12/08/2008 Wisconsin Case Clarifies Credit Reporting on Chap. 13 Plans
11/24/2008 The League has no ties to firm's Investment Advisory
11/14/2008 New RESPA rule is effective Jan. 1, 2010
10/07/2008 Share insurance coverage increased
09/25/2008 NCUA initiates share insurance call center, tool kit
08/15/2008 IOLTA accounts require overdraft notices to OLR
07/16/2008 Take Care Reporting Debts Discharged in Bankruptcy
07/15/2008 CUNA Compliance Resources Available
07/14/2008 FRB adopts Reg. Z mortgage provisions eff. Oct. 1, 2009
06/17/2008 NCUA finalizes illustrations of hybrid ARMs
06/12/2008 ! See The League`s On-Line Store for available WCUL Forms.
05/12/2008 FinCEN Warns of Money Laundering Methods in Real Estate Lending
04/29/2008 Sample Truth in Savings Disclosure posted on The League’s website
04/16/2008 Comment Call: HUD seeks input on RESPA rewrite
04/11/2008 Reg. CC Quiz: Applying Funds Availability Rules
02/08/2008 Three human resources matters of immediate interest to Wisconsin credit unions
02/05/2008 New rules for electronic disclosures take effect Oct. 1
01/18/2008 IRS Revises Form 990