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Used by 32 WI Credit Unions!

Compliance Specialist Program


  • Not enough hours in the day to tackle all your compliance responsibilities?
  • Compliance obligations taking you away from serving members?
  • Struggling to keep up with the latest regulatory changes?
  • Exams coming up and you still need help to prepare?
  • Exams just completed and you're overwhelmed by next steps?


Get the help AND expertise you need - within your budget!



Our staff-sharing program allows credit unions of any size or budget to access expert, league-trained, state-specific compliance help (tied to our vast in-house online resources) to implement compliance workload at a fraction of what it'd cost you to hire this expertise independently. The program takes the compliance information The League has always offered and turns it into a boots-on-the-ground resource that gets compliance tasks organized and completed!



Two great options:


1) Compliance Specialist I Program 


Share a compliance specialist-hired, trained, and supervised by us-with other credit unions.  You get a trained specialist with full-time knowledge and training-in your credit union-at a fraction  of the usual cost. 


Compliance Specialist Brochure


What credit unions are saying! 

2) Compliance Specialist II Program


Access compliance services on an as-needed basis-according to your own priorities, needs, and budget. We offer an extensive list of focus areas, but can customize a program that works for you.

What credit unions are saying!

Let us customize a program that works for you!

Contact Jo Whiting: jwhiting@theleague.coop or (800) 242-0833, Ext. 6044


Read more about the program in our e-publication, The League News!