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August 2014 - Question: Must we always report workplace injuries to our workers comp carrier, or can we just take care of small “claims” ourselves? We’re afraid our rates may go up.


11/26/2014 2014 November ii Transmittal Sheet new
11/26/2014 FRB archives 4 TILA-RESPA integrated disclosure webinars new
11/12/2014 2014 October ii Transmittal Sheet new
11/06/2014 POD, joint accounts, other assets now subject to Estate Recovery Program
11/05/2014 New rule allows for "cure" of QM points-and-fees overcharge
11/03/2014 Privacy rule lets credit unions post annual notices online
11/03/2014 CFPB issues 2015 list of “rural and underserved” counties


11/19/2014 ** Description of November 2014 ii Release Revisionsnew
11/19/2014 0130   Annual Reporting Deadlines
11/19/2014 0132   Regulation D – Reserve Requirements of Depository Institutions
11/18/2014 0183   Denial of Services
11/13/2014 B015   Tack-On Mortgage Loans
11/13/2014 B030   Adjustable Rate Mortgage Lending Programs
11/13/2014 B042   Reg. Z—Closed-End Credit Disclosures


12/02/2014 Handling ACH Exceptions & Returns, Including Recent NACHA Rule Changes
12/02/2014 Identity Theft Red Flags
12/03/2014 Opening Accounts for Nonprofit Organizations
12/04/2014 Traditional & Roth IRA Reporting Responsibilities: Requirements, Issues & Answers
12/08/2014 New CFPB Rules for Annual Privacy Notices: Effective Immediately


!! WCUL Forms - Revision Dates (11/14/2014)

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Mortgage Reform 2013-2014

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TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (eff. 8/1/2015)