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August 2014 - Question: Must we always report workplace injuries to our workers comp carrier, or can we just take care of small “claims” ourselves? We’re afraid our rates may go up.


10/29/2014 Final deadline approaching . . . new
10/16/2014 Department of Revenue now handles annual unclaimed property reporting
10/10/2014 New ii Release covers integrated mortgage disclosures new
10/03/2014 2014 September ii Transmittal Sheet
10/02/2014 CU Magazine describes "How FATCA Will Affect Your W-8BEN Forms"
09/10/2014 WCUL will not offer combined TILA-RESPA disclosure forms
09/02/2014 2014 August ii Transmittal Sheet


10/24/2014 ** Description of October 2014 ii Release Revisionsnew
10/24/2014 0113   NCUA Rules on Account Insurance Coverage
10/16/2014 0130   Annual Reporting Deadlines
10/10/2014 B079   TILA-RESPA Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Rulenew
10/02/2014 0174   Reporting Financial Abuse
10/01/2014 0116   Living Trusts
10/01/2014 B001   Scope of Lending Laws


10/30/2014 Managing & Measuring Your Reputation Risk
10/30/2014 Decision Roadmap for the New TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosure Forms
11/04/2014 Mobile Payments: What You Need to Know Now & an Overview of Apple Pay
11/05/2014 Top 10 Ways to Improve Skills as a Supervisory Committee Member
11/11/2014 Wage & Hour Seminar


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TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (eff. 8/1/2015)