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Foundation Scholarship and Grant Info


Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation Grants Program




Credit Union Development. The Foundation provides grants for Wisconsin credit unions for technology and operations related expenses and upgrades that will measurably assist the credit union in serving its members. Our grant opportunities are open to all credit unions with a preference given to credit unions under $50 million in assets. The current financial position of a credit union will be considered as well.

Credit Union Development Grant Eligibility and Guidelines

Application cycle May 15 - June 30. Notification by July 31


2014 Credit Union Development Grant Recipients, which defray operational costs that stand in the way of serving members. They include:

  • Brokaw Credit Union received a $1,500 grant to help update its phone system. The change will eliminate members' need to hang up and place a new call in order to reach the credit unions' branch offices—an impediment to speedy loan approvals.

  • La Crosse Burlington Credit Union recieved a $2,750 grant to help offest expenses related to an ACH audit, training, a website upgrade, start-up costs for credit bureau reporting, IT assistance, new member marketing packets and office updates. The credit union aims to offer members an improved web experience, e-statements, online loan applications, credit reporting to help members looking to improve their scores and a more attractive lobby space.

  • Oshkosh Community Credit Union received a $1,500 grant to help upgrade in home banking software that includes mobile functionality for members. The update will allow members to make transfers, pay loans and apply for new loans.

  • Southshore Credit Union received a $2,750 grant to help replace five outdated computers that are insufficient to preserve vendor connectivity.

2013 Credit Union Development Grant Recipient:


  • Greater Galilee Baptist Credit Union used a grant to purchase two new computers, monitors, a printer, software and software-related license renewals.


The REAL Solutions® Initiative.  The Foundation will award grants to Wisconsin credit unions that have signed a letter of commitment to the REAL Solutions initiative. REAL Solutions is a statewide initiative to help real Wisconsinites build financially strong, self-supporting families and communities by offering innovative services and programs that: offer affordable alternatives to high-cost financial products and services; reduce dependency on predatory financial providers; increase financial literacy; improve personal financial management; encourage saving and wealth-building; build creditworthiness; provide an avenue to personal financial stability; and otherwise improve the financial and economic well-being of Wisconsin communities.

REAL Solutions® Initiative Grant Eligibility and Guidelines.

Application cycle May 15 - June 30. Notification by July 31.


2014 REAL Solutions® Initiative Grant Recipients, which help improve members' and communities' financial wellness. They include:

  • UnitedOne Credit Union received a $1,000 grant to help purchase a video camera and software for an online video education program. The effort will engage younger members in learning financial concepts and improve member engagement with the credit union via social media.

  • WESTconsin Credit Union received a $2,500 grant to help purchase iPads and offset other program costs for a financial education effort. The credit union is establishing a Family Financial Program that engages young people and their parents in financial learning with the help of a local Boys & Girls Club and university extension office. The goal is to set entire families on a sustainable financial plan. Children will learn financial concepts throughout the fall and engage in an online "reality" simulation in spring. Parents, who will receive financial training through the extension, will guide their children in spring as they apply their learning.


2013 REAL Solutions® Initiative Grant Recipients:

  • Park City Credit Union, Merrill. The credit union is using its grant to create marketing materials, purchase a domain name and micro-site, train staff and distribute informational materials to small businesses. The goal is to offer credit union access to entrepreneurs that struggle to access needed business banking services and who are being needlessly gouged for some of the most commonly-used services such as business checking. Radio ads, billboards, printed materials will encourage small companies to improve their financial position by taking advantage of member-ownership in a financial cooperative. 

  • STAR Credit Union, Madison. The credit union, which serves young members of the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County, will develop a new website that will better engage its young members, age 7 through high school, in online financial learning and problem solving. The more interactive site aims not only to impart money matters that aren't taught at home – many of the parents of these young members are themselves underbanked or unbanked – but also to encourage return traffic to the credit union to incent continued regular saving. A new laptop computer will also improve the outreach of STAR to more Boys and Girls Clubs to add member accounts and encourage increased account balances, in part through young member testimonials.

What is your credit union working on to improve financial literacy among members and within the community? Share your efforts with us!



Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation Disaster Relief Assistance


Relief Efforts Assisted:



  • Colorado Flooding
  • Philippine Typhoon


  • Hurricane Sandy
  • Colorado Fires


  • Southern United States Tornado Relief
  • Tornado Relief, Joplin, Missouri
  • Flood Relief, North Dakota
  • Hurricane Irene Relief Effort


Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation Scholarships Program


Professional Development Scholarships

The Foundation supports the professional development and continued education of credit union staff and volunteers. Two scholarships will be awarded; one to CUNA Management School and the other for the National Credit Union Foundation’s Development Education Program.  Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of need, the impact of the program on the credit union and the applicant’s involvement in and commitment to the credit union movement.


Young Professional Development.  The Foundation supports the professional development and continued education of credit union young professionals. To that end, the Foundation is pleased to provide a scholarship for a credit union system program of the applicant’s choice based on the guidelines listed below. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of need, the impact of the program on the credit union and the applicant’s involvement in and commitment to the credit union movement.
Young Professional Development Scholarship Eligibility and Guidelines
Application cycle September 15 - October 31.
Notification by November 15.  

      Scholarship Recipients: 
      2014: Jennifer Bauer, RiverWood-Maritime Credit Union
      2013: Stacie Neuman, Best Advantage Credit Union
      2012: Joshua Roberts, Enterprise Credit Union

NCUF's Development Education (DE) Program. Attendees who earn certification as Credit Union Development Educators (CUDEs) learn to improve the lives of members and communities by applying credit union philosophy in situations demanding unique approaches to problem solving. Whether you’re new to the movement or a seasoned professional, the DE program has something for everyone. For young professionals it can be the eye-opening experience that leads to a decision to commit to a career with credit unions. 
DE Scholarship Eligibility and Guidelines
Application cycle January 15 - February 28. Notification by March 15.

Scholarship Recipients:

      2014: Nilsa Gebert, Focus Credit Union
      2013: Don Emmer, Best Advantage Credit Union
      2012: Chelsie Zima, St. Mary's & Affiliates Credit Union
      2011: Dan Winters, Co-Operative Credit Union
      2010: Carl Mundth, Badger Campus Credit Union

CUNA Management School.   An intensive management program that helps attendees learn and implement principles that make them a more dynamic and effective manager and leader. 
CUNA Management School Scholarship Eligibility and Guidelines
Application cycle March 15 - April 30.   Notification by May 15.

 Scholarship Recipients: 
      2014:  Julie Binversie, Premier Financial Credit Union; Mary Moore, Prime Financial
                    Credit Union; and
Josh Roberts, Enterprise Credit Union;
      2013: Jeremy Yardley, President, Southshore Credit Union
      2012: Nicole Christensen, President, Racine Municipal Empls. Credit Union
                    Dawn Johnson, VP of Operations/Compliance, Riverwood-Maritime Credit Union;
      2011: Carl Mundth, President, Badger Campus Credit Union
      2010: Todd Scholz, President & CEO, Enterprise Credit Union