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CO-OP Network: Your Link to Surcharge-Free ATMs Everywhere


When your members need convenient ATM access without paying a surcharge, participation in a nationwide surcharge-free network gives you the competitive advantage to build stronger member relationships. Our partnership with CO-OP Financial Services allows your members access to the CO-OP Network, the largest credit union-owned ATM network in the United States.


CO-OP Network is the best-recognized, highest-quality network of its kind. With more terminals than any bank in the nation, its fleet of 30,000 ATMs provides surcharge-free access in all 50 states and 10 countries. CO-OP Network also includes surcharge-free ATMs at 7-Eleven, Costco and other retail outlets coast to coast. This further expands the relationships between credit unions and members, by allowing easy transactions at secure locations where members already shop.


CO-OP Network offers credit unions a marketable advantage by leveraging the individual efforts of participants to build awareness and recognition of their network-linked ATMs. A suite of locator tools lets credit unions offer members a variety of ways to make full use of CO-OP Network ATMs, and reinforces relationships with tech-savvy users. CO-OP Ad Lab, CO-OP’s turnkey marketing communications service, offers a full complement of materials to support these efforts.


Turnkey implementation services from CO-OP Financial Services provide all the technological expertise required. Additionally, complete management support minimizes operational concerns. Within a short period of time, CO-OP Network makes it possible for even the smallest credit union to begin offering the exceptional access and convenience that current and prospective members expect from their primary financial institution.


To learn more about expanding access and convenience for your members with the CO-OP Network, contact Gail Tofil, Regional Sales Manager for CO-OP Financial Services at (800) 782-9042, Ext. 3458.