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Help a teacher or employee improve their financial lessons

Sponsor a local teacher – or an employee who offers financial lessons in your community – to attend the National Institute of Financial & Economic Literacy in Madison. It's a series of three, week-long summer workshops that can help them improve the financial lessons they offer their students.


If you have youth-run, in-school branch it's another way to deepen your relationship and if not, to create a relationship, with educators. The improved personal finance lessons they offer in their classrooms benefits tens of thousands of high school students each year.


Credit unions have supported a majority of the sponsored attendees since the Institute began in 2001. Information about the "credit union difference" is shared each year with participants, as well as information about the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation's sponsorship of the brass|STUDENT PROGRAM. Participants also receive a REAL Solutions Scorecard, which details the value credit unions offer members and their communities.


The cost of sponsorship is just $300 and covers registration, lodging, food and materials for a full week. Graduate credits are available for an additional fee, typically paid by the attendee.


To sponsor, send a check payable to Edgewood College to Deb Weier, Edgewood College, 1255 Deming Way, Madison, WI 53717 and ask teachers to note your credit union as a sponsor when they register. Do not send checks to the person you're sponsoring; Edgewood must be aware of your sponsorship in order to recognize your credit union.


Questions? Contact Chad Helminak at (608) 514-0080.