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Communicate your value via community involvement


One of the many ways credit unions showcase their tremendous value is through involvement in their communities. Our movement's nationwide plan for growth, Unite for Good, cites community involvement strategies among the many steps credit unions can take toward creating awareness about why they should be consumers' preferred financial partner. That's become more important as our movement fights to preserve credit unions' tax exemption.


Wisconsin credit unions have increased awareness about their value through community involvement efforts like:


  • Operating 102 student-run, in-school branchesThe branches, which have helped students amass $3 million by teaching a savings habit, establish relationships with future borrowers.
    Wisconsin credit unions sponsor teachers from across the state, like these in June, to attend worskhops each summer that improve the personal finance lessons they provide for tens of thousands of Wisconsin teens.


  • Sponsoring financial education tools for schools. The brass|STUDENT PROGRAM, provided free to Wisconsin high schools through credit union support of the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation, offers two sponsorship opportunities that allow credit unions to provide teaching materials for local classrooms while enhancing their own brand. Contact Chad Helminak for your unique log-in to the newly enhanced resource center (see a screen shot of it) that the brass program offers credit unions. Close to 30 Wisconsin credit unions are using the online life simulation called Money Mission® to teach local students personal finance and offer scholarship opportunities. Take part in a free demo webinar to learn more.


  • Connecting with new markets. County-City, Taylor and UW Credit Unions have expanded their efforts to serve a growing Hispanic community. Landmark CU is working with the Sikh community on a memorial run to mark the anniversary of the temple shooting in Oak Creek.



What is your credit union doing to ensure that it's understood and preserved as a force for good for your members and community? Let us know! Contact Christine Henzig at chenzig@theleague.coop.



The Unite for Good effort is an internal growth strategy developed by CUNA in conjunction with its Board, state leagues, credit unions and system partners. The plan's action steps – to remove barriers, increase awareness and foster service excellence–are aimed at helping more credit unions become their members' primary financial institution by compelling members to see credit unions as their best financial partner. Read more articles in our Unite for Good series.