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The League On-Line Store


Introducing the newest way to get League forms and shared-cost marketing materials.  The On-Line store gives you quick and easy access to tools that can grow your business.



Forms the easy way


The On-Line Store puts you in control.  Get the forms that you need, the way you need them.  Credit unions have many convenient options when choosing forms:

  • Paper forms. Thanks to the On-Line Store, paper forms can now be purchased 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Electronic forms. No longer do credit unions need to wait for forms to be delivered. CUs requiring forms immediately need only agree to The League's service agreement online, download forms in PDF format and load as needed into your computer system (check with data processor for any fees they may charge).
  • Single use forms. Credit unions, whose need for certain forms may be minimal, no longer need to order quantities of forms they'll never use. Instead, complete individual forms online, proofing them and printing them on location.


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Employee Handbook

ImageNow your credit union can quickly and easily have a employee handbook that is customized and always in compliance.  Simply answer a few questions and add your personalized information to get your electronic or hard copy handbook.

  • All policies comply with both Federal and Wisconsin Law
  • Language can be customized to your credit union's policies
  • Is branded with your credit union's name and logo throughout
  • Can be annually updated and checked for compliance


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