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Activist Overview


Activists are credit union supporters - staff, volunteers, members and others - who are trained by and work in concert with the Wisconsin Credit Union League to Imageprotect and grow the credit union movement in our state.


Our shared goal is to represent the interests of the more than two million Wisconsin consumers who want to retain the right to belong to a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution that returns earnings to members.


Together, Activists cultivate pro-credit union allies in their communities, with media and in government as part of a statewide public relations and advocacy campaign called "1 with The League."


Activists receive support from The League, including publications, communication materials and training opportunities that advance your involvement in credit union activism.


Sign up to be an Activist or nominate a peer or colleague today and then check out our Activist Involvement page to learn how you can begin sharing the credit union difference!



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