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2014 Events (Dates & Locations Subject to Change)
1/07/14   20 New Opportunities Going Old School
1/08/14   Managing E-Sign, E-Statements & E-Disclosures
1/09/14   Handling Dormant Accounts & Unclaimed Property
1/09/14   Fair Lending
1/14/14   Obamacare and Credit Unions
1/14/14   Real Estate Collections Under the New CFPB Mortgage Servicing Rule
1/15/14   IRA & HSA Review & Update, Including DOMA Implications
1/16/14   Deposit Account Regulations
1/16/14   Meet NCUA Region 1 Director Larry Blankenberger
1/16/14   Fee Income 2014: Challenges, Issues & Whats on the Horizon
1/21/14   Tweet Chat: Best Practices Recap of 2013
1/22/14   Low Cost Compliance Tips
1/22/14   Hosting a Retirement Fair
1/22/14   CUNA: Free Webinar - E-Signature Basics for Credit Unions
1/23/14   Consumer Loan Portfolio Grading: Assessing Strengths & Mitigating Weaknesses
1/28/14   Marketing the Credit Union Thru Use of Economic Models
1/28/14   Reg CC Funds Availability, Liability, Exceptions, Holds & More
1/29/14   Required Compliance for the Board & Senior Management, Including BSA
1/30/14   Reg Z
1/30/14   What Is that Personal Tax Return Telling Me? Part 1: Form 1040, Schedule B, C, & D
2/04/14   Marketing Compliance
2/05/14   Tax Refunds: ACH Posting, Exceptions & Liability
2/06/14   Building a Better Board: Recruiting & Improving Your Credit Union Board
2/06/14   Best Practices in Used Car Lending
2/07/14   CFPB Examination Procedures for International Remittance Transfers (Archive Only)
2/10/14   Money Mission Webinar
2/11/14   The Security Function
2/11/14   YP Pre Conference Advocacy Event
2/12/14   Government Affairs Conference
2/12/14   Imaged Documents: What to Keep, What to Destroy, What Holds Up in Court
2/13/14   Construction to Permanent Lending Under the New CFPB Mortgage Rules
2/13/14   HR Roundtable
2/13/14   Social Media - Promote Without Being Pushy
2/18/14   Tweet Chat: Fostering Service Excellence
2/18/14   IRAs Essentials Workshop - Day 1
2/18/14   The League Board Meeting
2/18/14   W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting
2/19/14   IRAs Advanced Workshop - Day 2
2/19/14   Opening Accounts for Minors: Compliance, Ownership & Access Issues
2/19/14   New Perspective on Business Continuity
2/20/14   Expanding Your Required IT Risk Assessment Program
2/23/14   CUNA Government Affairs Conference
2/25/14   The ALLL in Troubled Debt & Foreclosed Asset Restructuring
2/25/14   Managing Your Loan Portfolio to Increase Profitability and Minimize Delinquencies
2/26/14   What Is That Personal Tax Return Telling Me? Part 2: Schedules E & F
3/04/14   Creating a Social Media Policy & Strategy That Everyone Can Like
3/05/14   RESPA Essentials & Overview
3/06/14   Loan Origination in the Current Regulatory Environment: Improving Compliance, Costs & Turnaround Times
3/06/14   Potential of the Hispanic Market
3/11/14   More than a Balancing Act-Tellers
3/12/14   Comprehensive Notary Training
3/12/14   Small Credit Union CEO Roundtable
3/13/14   Open is the New Close
3/14/14   Interagency Guidance for Reporting Elder Financial Exploitation (Archive Only)
3/18/14   Vendor Contract Lifecycle Management: Risk, Compliance, Securing, Terminating & More
3/18/14   Tweet Chat: Effective Communication
3/19/14   NCUA Free Webinar: Bank Secrecy Act
3/19/14   Understanding Asset Liability Management Concepts
3/20/14   Reg CC
3/20/14   Compliance Roundtable
3/24/14   Money Mission Webinar
3/25/14   Small Credit Union Marketing
3/25/14   Flood Insurance Compliance Update: Overview of New Biggert-Waters Rules Effective June 1, 2014 & FEMA Mapping Changes
3/26/14   Regulatory Compliance for Lenders, Including BSA
3/27/14   Trust Compliance in Opening Accounts & Lending
3/27/14   Young Employees - Young Members - Great Growth
3/27/14   Young Professionals Boot Camp: Strategic and Creative Outreach
4/02/14   ACH Rules Update 2014
4/03/14   Accepting Powers-of-Attorney on Deposit Accounts
4/05/14   Money Smart Week
4/09/14   Clarifying Signature Card Confusion - Personal & Business Accounts: Compliance, Account Titling & Ownership
4/10/14   Capturing the Mom Market
4/10/14   Collections Roundtable
4/14/14   Money Mission Webinar
4/15/14   Mobile Device Risks & Compliance Rules: Managing Your Credit Unions BYOD & COPE Policies
4/15/14   Tweet Chat: 3 Top Trends for CU Marketing
4/16/14   Responding to Official Demands for Member Funds: Subpoenas, Garnishments, Summonses, Levies
4/17/14   Examination Findings of CFPB
4/17/14   Rough Seas Ahead - Compliance Changes
4/22/14   Cross-Selling for Front Line Staff
4/22/14   Negotiable Instrument Precautions & Endorsement Risks
4/23/14   Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago Credit Union Conference - Complimentary
4/23/14   Ability to Repay - Are You in Compliance with New CFPB Rules?
4/24/14   BSA Officer Duties & Update
4/24/14   Understanding E-Check Requirements and Warranties
4/29/14   Patch Management - The Art & Science of Keeping Software Current
4/30/14   10 Best Practices in Board Governance: How the Board Can Protect Your Credit Union
5/01/14   Collaboration Tips & Case Studies for Small Credit Unions to Survive & Thrive
5/06/14   ATM & Electronic Fraud Prevention
5/06/14   Call Reports: Interpreting the Most Recent Changes
5/07/14   Complex ACH Challenges for RDFIs: Exceptions, Errors & More
5/07/14   The League Annual Convention & Exposition
5/08/14   New Mortgage Rules - RESPA
5/13/14   Defining the Board Versus Auditor Supervisory Committee Responsibilities
5/14/14   Auditing Your Loan Portfolio: Consumer, Commercial & Real Estate
5/15/14   How to Avoid Lender Liability Claims: Compliance, Regulatory Issues & Best Practices
5/15/14   Transitioning to Supervisor
5/19/14   Money Mission Webinar
5/20/14   Key Ratio Analysis - Calculating the Numbers Effectively
5/20/14   Implementing the New ACH Security Framework Requirements
5/21/14   Reporting Your Members Credit: Understanding Increasing Regulatory Requirements
5/21/14   Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) Roundtable
5/22/14   When Social Media Attacks
5/28/14   IT Audit for Credit Unions
5/29/14   Keeping Collateral: How to Perfect, Get Priority & Liquidate Liens Under Article 9 Revisions
5/29/14   CTR/SARs
6/03/14   Head Teller Development: Improving Teller Performance
6/03/14   Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) Roundtable
6/03/14   NASCUS Directors College
6/03/14   The League Board Meeting
6/03/14   W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting
6/04/14   Wisconsin Real Estate Lending Compliance Conference
6/04/14   How to Legally Recover Unauthorized ACH Withdrawals After the NACHA return Deadlines
6/04/14   Converting Indirect Borrowers to Multi Relationship Members
6/05/14   CFPB & Interagency Guidance for Residential Mortgage Foreclosures, Modifications & Workouts
6/10/14   Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Update
6/10/14   Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) Roundtable
6/11/14   Completing the CTR Report Line by Line
6/12/14   How to Handle Difficult Members: Effectively Dealing with Intimidation, Negativity & Anger
6/12/14   Teller Regs
6/12/14   Corporate Central Credit Union Annual Meeting
6/17/14   Loan Modifications
6/17/14   Tweet Chat: Member Outreach
6/17/14   Processing IRA Rollovers & Transfers
6/17/14   Complimentary Filene Webinar: Engaging and Empowering Members for Long Term Growth
6/17/14   FREE CFPB Webinar: TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule
6/18/14   Regulatory Compliance for the Frontline, Including BSA
6/19/14   I Tweeted, I Linked, I Connected
6/19/14   FREE Webinar on Auto Loan Generation via Invest in America
6/20/14   Chapter Leaders Conference
6/23/14   Money Mission Webinar
6/24/14   The Overlooked Majority: Women
6/24/14   Regulation E & Debit Card Error Resolution: Processing, Disclosure & Investigation
6/25/14   Mainstreaming Mobile Remote Deposit Capture: Adoption, Deployment, Operations & Risks
6/26/14   No One Ever Made a Bad Loan - Even with Risk or Merit Based Lending
6/29/14   Americas Credit Union Conference
7/01/14   Will Your AML/BSA/OFAC Program Satisfy Examiner Scrutiny?
7/01/14   Running Effective Sales Meetings
7/01/14   Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) Roundtable
7/02/14   Consumer Loan Documentation
7/08/14   Foundations of Financial Literacy for Directors: Analysis of Financials & Calculation of Ratios
7/08/14   CUNA: SBA Disaster Preparedness Webinar
7/09/14   NCUA: Free Mobile App Webinar
7/09/14   Completing the SAR Report Line by Line
7/09/14   Personal Survival - 25 Rules to Live By
7/10/14   FREE NCUA: Chairman Listening Session
7/14/14   The Rise of Bitcoin & Virtual Currencies: Impact, Bottom Line & What You Should Know Now!
7/15/14   Self-Employed Borrower Tax Implications for Qualified Mortgages Under the New CFPB Income Verification Rules
7/15/14   Tweet Chat: Teamwork
7/16/14   Overdraft Protection Review, Update & Issues
7/16/14   Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) Roundtable
7/17/14   New Product Development - Top 10
7/22/14   Ensuring Data Security: What You Need to Know Now
7/23/14   Stress Testing for Enterprise Risk Management
7/28/14   Money Mission Webinar
7/29/14   Steps to SAFE Act Registration, Renewal & Compliance for Mortgage Loan Originators
7/30/14   Avoiding HMDA Reporting Mistakes
7/30/14   CUNA Webinar: Build Internal Buy-In for Hispanic Growth Plans (Free)
7/30/14   Defining Trends in Image Technology (Postponed)
8/05/14   Open Dialogue with NCUA Chair Matz
8/05/14   Federal Government ACH Payments: Reclamations & Garnishments
8/05/14   Safe Deposit Box Policies and Procedures
8/06/14   Wire Transfer Compliance
8/07/14   Managing for Ultimate Performance: The 6 Building Blocks for Success
8/07/14   Website Compliance
8/12/14   Power of the Mortgage Market
8/12/14   Regulatory Implications of FFIEC Authentication Guidance
8/13/14   Red Flags for ID Theft, Bribery & Privacy
8/14/14   Facing the Tough Employee Stuff
8/16/14   NCUA OSCUI Leadership Boot Camp
8/19/14   Tweet Chat: Creativity
8/19/14   ALM - 11 Key Ratios You Should Know
8/19/14   W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting
8/19/14   The League Board Meeting
8/20/14   Compliance Management & Fair Lending Training for the Board
8/20/14   CUNA Webinar: How to Create Successful Business Relationships within the Hispanic Community (Free)
8/21/14   Marketers Roundtable
8/21/14   Home Equity/Second Lien Risk Management
8/25/14   Money Mission Webinar
8/26/14   Business Accounts: Who is Authorized to Open, Close, Transact?
8/26/14   FREE CFPB Webinar: New Mortgage Disclosures
8/26/14   UDAAP Trends
8/27/14   Young Professionals Boot Camp
8/28/14   Putting the Credit Back into Credit Unions
9/03/14   Escrow Account Compliance
9/04/14   The Two Most Important Numbers for Dealing with IRAs & HSAs: IRS Publications 590 & 969
9/04/14   Required Compliance for the Front Line
9/09/14   Advanced Financial Literacy for Directors: Applying Ratio Analysis to Manage the Balance Sheet & Maximize Income
9/09/14   Compliance Roundtable
9/09/14   Internet Website Compliance
9/10/14   The League Invitational Golf Outing
9/10/14   Writing Effective Credit Memos & Loan Narratives
9/11/14   Branding From the Inside Out for Growth
9/11/14   Midsize Credit Union CEO Roundtable
9/16/14   Tweet Chat: Financial Literacy
9/16/14   Auditing Social Media: Planning & Risk Control Matrices
9/16/14   The Regulations of Social Marketing
9/16/14   CU House / Hike the Hill
9/17/14   Electronic Business Records: 7 - Step Strategy for Effective & Compliant Record Management
9/18/14   Conducting the 2014 ACH Audit
9/18/14   How to Motivate Others
9/23/14   NACHA Rules Versus Reg E Rules: Which Takes Legal Priority in Which Situation?
9/23/14   ICUL: Lending School
9/24/14   CUNA Webinar: Lessons Learned by CEOs of Hispanic-Serving Credit Unions (Free)
9/24/14   Effective Loan Reviews
9/24/14   CO-OP FREE Webinar Tokenization, NFC and Apple Pay
9/24/14   The Role of the Board in the Examination Process
9/24/14   Association of Credit Union Internal Auditors (ACUIA)
9/24/14   Leadership Workshop
9/25/14   Data Loss Prevention: Myths, Sources, Risks & Solutions
9/29/14   Money Mission Webinar
9/30/14   Account Administration
10/01/14   FREE CFPB Webinar: Frequently Asked Questions on TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures, Part 3
10/02/14   Member Business Lending: Risks, Rewards, Controls & Common Mistakes
10/02/14   Mortgage Related Regulatory Issues
10/07/14   CUNA MUTUAL Group Webinar: Auto Loan Recapture®, Universal Auto and Next Car Purchase
10/07/14   12 Fundamental Audit Steps to Strengthen Internal Controls
10/07/14   Vendor Management
10/08/14   Compliance & Legal Issues in Employee Screening: Pre-Hire & Post-Hire
10/08/14   Small Credit Union CEO Roundtable
10/08/14   YP Roundtable: Internal YP Groups
10/09/14   Successful Credit Union Survey Tips
10/09/14   Reg E for the Frontline: Compliance & Guidance for Error Resolution
10/14/14   Regulatory Compliance for Deposit Operations, Including BSA
10/15/14   Lets Find Ways to Make Loans - Not Turn Them Down
10/15/14   NCUA Webinar Series: Product Pricing: Getting it Right
10/16/14   International Credit Union Day
10/16/14   Recent Accounting Developments & Future Issues
10/17/14   Directors Conference
10/17/14   Wisconsin Summit of Financial Literacy
10/20/14   Money Mission Webinar
10/21/14   Tweet Chat: Credit Union Philosophy
10/21/14   Director and Officer Liability
10/21/14   CUNA Free Webinar: Calculating Todays Cost of a Data Breach
10/21/14   Turning Credit Union Financial Statements into Useful Ratios & Trends
10/22/14   Safe Deposit Boxes: Compliance, Legal Issues, Delinquencies & Death
10/22/14   Collections Roundtable
10/23/14   Bankruptcy $eminar
10/23/14   Telephone Skills
10/23/14   GFE & HUD-1 Now: Dealing with Current Forms, Current Challenges & Regulator Hot Buttons
10/27/14   Filene: Its A Money Thing (Free)
10/28/14   Data Loss Prevention
10/28/14   How to Reduce IT Risk Assessment Time by 70% & Still Satisfy Examiners & Your Board
10/29/14   Social Media Update: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & You Tube
10/30/14   Decision Roadmap for the New TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosure Forms
10/30/14   Managing & Measuring Your Reputation Risk
11/03/14   CUNA Community Credit Union & Growth Conference
11/04/14   Why Cant We All Just Get Along
11/04/14   Mobile Payments: What You Need to Know Now & an Overview of Apple Pay
11/05/14   Top 10 Ways to Improve Skills as a Supervisory Committee Member
11/06/14   Large Credit Union CEO Roundtable
11/06/14   Creating a Lending Machine
11/11/14   Wage & Hour Seminar
11/12/14   Obtaining & Securing Judgment Liens
11/13/14   How to Build a Successful Compliance Program
11/18/14   IRS Reporting Requirements: 1098s, 1099s, TINs, Backup Withholding & Recent FATCA Updates
11/18/14   Best Practices in Consumer Lending
11/18/14   Consumer Lending Workshop
11/19/14   Expanding Loan Portfolios & Improving Loan Profitability Using Credit Migration Modeling
11/19/14   NCUA Webinar Series: Building a Loan Portfolio: Four Keys to Lending
11/20/14   Robbery Preparedness for All Staff
11/20/14   Decoding the Exam Process
11/20/14   Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
11/25/14   Ability to Repay & Qualified Mortgages: Lessons Learned the Hard Way & 2015 Changes
12/02/14   Handling ACH Exceptions & Returns, Including Recent NACHA Rule Changes
12/02/14   Filene Think Do. Change 2015: Whats the big darn deal?
12/02/14   Identity Theft Red Flags
12/03/14   Opening Accounts for Nonprofit Organizations
12/04/14   Traditional & Roth IRA Reporting Responsibilities: Requirements, Issues & Answers
12/04/14   Young Professionals Boot Camp- Future of Credit Unions
12/04/14   From Managing to Leading
12/08/14   Money Mission Webinar
12/08/14   New CFPB Rules for Annual Privacy Notices: Effective Immediately
12/09/14   Residential Appraisal Review
12/09/14   Introductions to Credit Unions
12/10/14   Self-Examination for Fair Lending Compliance
12/11/14   What Can We Learn from Failed Credit Unions?
12/11/14   The League Board Meeting
12/11/14   W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting
12/11/14   Opening Deposit Accounts Online: Risk CIP & CDD Issues
12/15/14   Managing the Force-Placed Flood & Hazard Insurance Processes
12/16/14   Denied Loan Requirements: Consumer, Commercial & Residential
12/17/14   Advertising Compliance: Website, Print, TV & Radio
12/17/14   NCUA Webinar Series: Internal Controls
12/18/14   eBanking Incident Response: Do You Have a Plan if a Member is a Cybercrime Victim?

2015 Events (Dates Subject to Change)
1/20/15   Government Affairs Conference
2/24/15   The League Board Meeting
2/24/15   W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting
4/18/15   Money Smart Week
5/06/15   The League Annual Convention & Exposition
6/16/15   W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting
6/16/15   The League Board Meeting
9/01/15   The League Board Meeting
9/01/15   W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting
12/01/15   The League Board Meeting
12/01/15   W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting

2013 Events (Dates & Locations Subject to Change)
1/03/13   Understanding the New NCUA Part 741 Loan Workout & Nonaccrual Policy & Regulation Reporting for TDR Regulations
1/08/13   Duties, Liabilities & Protections of Credit Union Directors
1/08/13   International Remittance Rules
1/09/13   IRA & HSA Review & Update - 2012-2013 Tax Years
1/10/13   Title Insurance Policies, Commitments & the New ALTA Endorsement
1/16/13   New Security Officer Training: Issues, Reports and Best Practices
1/17/13   UCC 3 & 4 on Negotiable Instruments: Time Frames, Legal Concerns & Member Issues
1/17/13   Making the Transition to Supervisor
1/21/13   Pre-GAC Advocacy Workshop for young credit union professionals
1/22/13   State Government Affairs Conference
1/23/13   Robbery Prevention Checklist
1/23/13   Qualifying Borrowers Using Personal Tax Return Part I: Basics, Itemized Deductions, Interest & Dividend Income, Sole Proprietorships & Capital Gains
1/24/13   IT Governance: What the Board & Supervisory Committee Need to Know to Manage the Credit Unions Information Technology Assets
1/28/13   Money Mission® Webinar
1/29/13   Online & Mobile Banking - Successful Member Penetration Techniques
1/30/13   Countdown to the New CTR Report: Are You Ready for the March 31, 2013 Deadline
1/31/13   Compliance Rules the Board & Senior Management Must Know
1/31/13   Identifying Loan Opportunities
2/05/13   Maximizing Mobile Lending Trends
2/05/13   ACH Death Notification Entries (DNEs) & Reclamations: Your Credit Unions Liability
2/06/13   Dissecting Regulation CC: Holds, Substitute Checks & Check Clearing
2/06/13   Closed-End Real Estate Lending
2/12/13   CANCELLED - Retirement Fair
2/12/13   Creating a SEG Development Plan
2/12/13   Tax Refunds: ACH Exceptions, Posting & Credit Union Liability
2/12/13   IRA Essentials Workshop
2/13/13   IRA Beyond Essentials Workshop
2/13/13   Facebook 101 Getting Started: Policies, Risk Assessment & Next Steps
2/14/13   Reg CC
2/19/13   W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting
2/19/13   The League Board Meeting
2/19/13   New BSA Officer Training
2/20/13   Qualifying Borrowers Using Personal Tax Returns Part 2: Income from Rentals, Royalties, Partnerships, S Corps & Farms
2/20/13   Money Mission® Webinar
2/20/13   CTRs & SARs
2/20/13   HR Roundtable
2/24/13   CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference
2/26/13   Safe to Grow Again in 2013
2/26/13   Guidelines for OREO
2/27/13   Advanced Collection Techniques That Reduce Delinquency & Loss
2/28/13   Cloud Computing: Understand Whats Coming
3/05/13   What You Need to Know about Guarantors, Co-Signers, Personal Guarantees & Joint Applications, Including Security & Collateral Implications
3/06/13   Fair Lending Comparative File Review
3/06/13   Small CU CEO Roundtable
3/07/13   Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Connecting with Members in Unique Ways
3/07/13   CUNA Free: CUNA Free: Pressing Regulatory & Compliance Issues Audio Conference
3/12/13   Tips for Cross-Selling to a Stressed Member
3/13/13   Monitoring the Effectiveness of Your Compliance Program: Quality Assurance Testing & Auditing
3/14/13   Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Update: Whats in Effect, Whats Imminent & Whats on the Horizon
3/14/13   Cooperative Network: Strategic & Succession Planning Seminar
3/14/13   Bankruptcy
3/18/13   Money Mission® Webinar
3/19/13   FREE: CUNA Supervisory (Audit) Committee Duties & Responsibilities Workshop
3/19/13   Flood Insurance Compliance Update: Requirements, Issues & FAQs
3/20/13   Fair Credit Reporting & FACT Act Risk-Based Pricing Notices: Clarifying the Confusion
3/20/13   CUNA Mutual Group: Free Electronic Documents & Signatures
3/21/13   Compliance Roundtable
3/26/13   Head Teller Development: Managing Dual Control & Cash Limits
3/26/13   Short Sales
3/27/13   Enterprise Risk Management for Credit Unions: A Primer
3/28/13   10 Steps to Increase Loan Opportunities
4/02/13   SAFE Act
4/02/13   Meeting the Requirements for Capital Adequacy & Contingency
4/03/13   The Key to Cross-Selling & Member Retention
4/04/13   Wire Fraud
4/04/13   NCUA: Office of Small CU Initiatives Workshop
4/08/13   Escrow Rule Changes for High-Priced Mortgages: Deadline June 1, 2013, Including January 2014 HOEPA Rules
4/09/13   Compliance Rules the Frontline Must Know
4/09/13   Troubled Debt Restructuring
4/09/13   Regulatory Update (Part I)
4/10/13   ACH Rules Update 2013
4/16/13   Member Financial Counseling
4/17/13   YP Boot Camp
4/17/13   UCC Article 9 Default Provisions: What Secured Creditors Need to Know
4/18/13   Duties of the Board Secretary: Fundamentals, Best Practices & E-Package Delivery
4/20/13   Money Smart Week
4/22/13   Money Mission® Webinar
4/23/13   SBA Lending Update 2013: Trends, Regulations & a Look at SOP 50 10
4/30/13   ALM Interest Rate Risk Update
5/02/13   Proven Gen Y Strategies for Success
5/02/13   Effective Contract Negotiation, Review & Management: 5 Things Vendors Dont Want You to Know about Contracts
5/02/13   FREE Roundtable to Strengthen Credit Unions
5/07/13   IT Crisis Management: Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery & Incident Response
5/07/13   Handling Objections
5/08/13   Understanding the ALLL for Directors
5/08/13   The League Annual Convention & Exposition
5/09/13   How to Properly Complete & File Financing Statements: Including UCC Article 9 Rule Changes Effective July 1, 2013
5/09/13   Bankruptcy
5/14/13   Bank Secrecy and OFAC Update
5/16/13   Life Style Lending
5/20/13   Money Mission® Webinar
5/21/13   FFIEC Guidance on Cloud Computing: Considerations for Credit Unions
5/22/13   The Branch of the Future: How Branches Will Serve Members Who Dont Need Branches
5/29/13   When is an Item Payable: Stop Payments, Return Items & More
5/29/13   Collections Seminar
6/03/13   Time Management
6/06/13   Regulation E - Electronic Funds Transfer Act
6/11/13   The League Board Meeting
6/11/13   W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting
6/11/13   Common Compliance Mistakes
6/12/13   Nuts & Bolts of Effective Metro 2 Credit Reporting via e-OSCAR
6/13/13   Theres an App for That -- Digital Delivery
6/14/13   Chapter Leaders Conference
6/18/13   Regulator Issues & Update for the Credit Analyst
6/18/13   NASCUS Directors College
6/18/13   CU House/Hike the Hill
6/19/13   Pricing Consumer Loans for Profitability
6/19/13   RESPA - Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
6/21/13   Complying with the Final Rule for Garnishment Procedures Involving Federal Benefit Payments: Effective June 28, 2013
6/24/13   Money Mission® Webinar
6/25/13   Teller Boot Camp (Part 1)
6/25/13   NorthLegal Webinar: Denial of Services and Expulsion from Credit Union Membership
6/25/13   GFE & HUD-1: Current Issues, Current Challenges
6/26/13   Ability to Repay Part 1 - New Rules that Impact Your Policies & Products: Deadline January 10, 2014
6/26/13   Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Lending Seminar
6/27/13   Advertising Compliance: Web, Print, TV & Radio
6/27/13   Handling Suspect International ACH Transactions (IATS)
7/09/13   Handling ACH Origination Exception Issues
7/09/13   Teller Boot Camp (Part 2)
7/09/13   Collections & Setoff
7/11/13   Internet Fraud Claims: Who is Liable?
7/11/13   Open Mouth: Insert Foot?
7/16/13   CU Relationship Lending
7/16/13   Simple Guide to Asset/Liability Management that Everyone Can Understand
7/17/13   Avoiding Loss at the Teller Line
7/18/13   Interagency Appraisal & Evaluation Guidelines: Including New Requirements Effective January 18, 2014
7/23/13   Compliance Rules All Staff Must Know: Red Flags for ID Theft, Bribery & Privacy
7/24/13   Business Writing Boot Camp, Including Submission & Critique of Your Own Writing Sample
7/24/13   Reg Z
7/29/13   Money Mission® Webinar
7/30/13   Finding Your Edge in a Crowded Market
7/30/13   Understanding & Utilizing Call Reports for Credit Union Governance
7/31/13   Complying with the Final 1073 International Remittance Rule: Deadline October 28, 2013
8/01/13   Ability to Repay Part 2 - What Your Lending Staff Needs to Do to Comply: Deadline January 10, 2014
8/06/13   NorthLegal Webinar: Placing Collection Calls to Cell Phones
8/07/13   YP Boot Camp - Leadership
8/07/13   Assessing E-Banking Services & Delivery Channels: Strategic Deployment & Risk Assessment
8/08/13   Understanding Endorsements
8/13/13   ABC 123 Easy Planning Marketing Plan
8/13/13   NCUA Free Webinar: Budget Preparation
8/13/13   Electronic Compliance: Tools, Policies & Best Practices for Email, Internet, Mobile & Social Media
8/13/13   Garnishment
8/14/13   Understanding & Processing IRA Rollovers & Transfers
8/15/13   Sales and Service - Key Points to Get Started
8/20/13   The League Board Meeting
8/20/13   W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting
8/21/13   Modifications, Workouts & Rescue Options: Working with Troubled Members
8/22/13   The Effect of NCUAs New Fair Lending Exam Procedures on Underwriting, Servicing & Collections
8/26/13   Money Mission® Webinar
8/27/13   Turning Around Member Complaints
8/28/13   Protecting the SBA Guaranteee Start to Finish
8/29/13   How to Improve Website Regulatory Compliance
8/29/13   YP South Central Chapter Season Kick-Off
9/04/13   The League Invitational Golf Outing
9/04/13   NCUF Development Education (DE) Training
9/05/13   Legally Handling the Credit Unions Right of Setoff on Deposit Accounts & Loans
9/05/13   Midsize Credit Union CEO Roundtable
9/05/13   Blowing the Doors Off Business Development
9/10/13   Compliance Roundtable
9/10/13   CFPB Examination Procedures for Mortgage Loan Originators: Effective January 10, 2014
9/10/13   The Art of Skip Tracing
9/11/13   Detecting Counterfeit Items & Fraudulent ID
9/12/13   Handling Member Credit Report Disputes
9/15/13   CUNA Regulatory Compliance School
9/16/13   Understanding FICO Scores & Recent Changes to the Model
9/18/13   Compliance Rules Deposit Operations Must Know
9/18/13   HMDA - Reg C
9/18/13   Innovators In Outreach Roundtable
9/19/13   brassMEDIA Webinar: Get Your brass In The Class
9/19/13   Skip Tracing Tools & Techniques
9/23/13   Money Mission® Webinar
9/24/13   Advanced Facebook Strategies for Credit Unions
9/24/13   Unclaimed Property Compliance Best Practices
9/25/13   Conducting the 2013 ACH Audit
9/26/13   Leadership Workshop
10/01/13   Advanced Bankruptcy Issues
10/01/13   Making the NCUA Exam a Positive Process - Your CU Rights
10/02/13   MD|DC Credit Union Associations: Womens Leadership Conference
10/02/13   From Prospect to Member: Skills & Tools for Successful Business Development
10/03/13   IRA Workshop: A Step Above for 2013-2014
10/08/13   Documenting Your Strategic Plan Years 1, 3, & 5: Meeting Examiner Expectations
10/08/13   YP Boot Camp: Ideation
10/08/13   Regulatory Update (II)
10/09/13   Small Credit Union CEO Roundtable
10/09/13   Electronic & Hard Copy Records: What to Keep, What to Destroy, What Holds Up in Court
10/10/13   Share of Wallet - Are You Maximizing Your Existing Membership?
10/10/13   Mortgage Lending Roundtable
10/15/13   TweetChat: Leadership
10/16/13   HR Boot Camp
10/16/13   Risk-Based Lending: Best Practices in Challenging Times
10/17/13   International Credit Union Day
10/18/13   Directors Conference
10/22/13   Health Care Reform: Update, Deadlines, Impact
10/22/13   NCUA Free Webinar: Risk-Based Lending
10/23/13   Dealing with Adverse Action: What To Do & When to Do It
10/24/13   HMDA Solutions: Achieving Data Integrity for Effective Fair Lending Analysis
10/24/13   Business Continuity Regulations & Examiner Expectations
10/28/13   Money Mission® Webinar
10/29/13   Critical Risk Factors in Loan Portfolio Management
10/31/13   20 Things Your CU Should Do But Doesnt
11/05/13   Get More From Your Staff
11/06/13   Call Reports: What to Look for, Entering Information & Why Its Important
11/07/13   Generating Revenue While Having Members Value Your Brand
11/07/13   Large Credit Union CEO Roundtable
11/12/13   Managing IRA Beneficiary Designation & Distributions
11/12/13   Escrow Accounts
11/13/13   Mobile Payments for Credit Unions: Impacts, Choices & What to Do Next
11/14/13   Consumer Lending Workshop
11/18/13   Cooperative Network Annual Meeting
11/18/13   The 25 Most Important Things to Know About the New Mortgage Loan Origination Rules Changes Before January 10, 2014
11/19/13   W.C.U.L. Services Corp. Board Meeting
11/19/13   The League Board Meeting
11/19/13   Tweet Chat: Financial Literacy
11/19/13   Preventing Chargebacks and Losses
11/20/13   Compliance Officer School
11/20/13   YP Boot Camp: Advocacy
11/21/13   Form 1099 Reporting: Third-Party Vendors, Foreclosures, Debt Forgiveness & More
11/21/13   10 Steps to Building & Maintaining a Successful Compliance Program
11/22/13   The 5 Definitions of a Qualified Mortgage Under CFPB Rules Effective January 10, 2014: Including September 2013 Rule Changes
11/26/13   Compliance Update on Nonresident Alien Accounts: Opening, Tax ID Numbers, IRS Issues & More
11/26/13   Transforming Call Centers into Contact Centers
12/02/13   Money Mission® Webinar
12/04/13   A Fresh Look at Robbery Preparedness
12/04/13   FHLB Chicago Business Technology Conference: Managing Technology Risk
12/05/13   Cracking the Code on Risk-Based Examinations: 10 Techniques to Ace Your Next Exam
12/05/13   Media Matters
12/10/13   Managing Day-to-Day ACH Risk
12/10/13   Closed-End Real Estate Lending Checklist
12/11/13   Documenting Your Required Information Security Program
12/12/13   12 Steps to Effective Expense Control: Practical Techniques for Cutting Costs & Increasing Profits
12/17/13   Regulation E vs. ACH Rules: Which One Prevails?
12/17/13   Identity Theft
12/17/13   TweetChat: The CU Difference
12/18/13   Top 10 Questions Board Members Need to Ask Now!
12/30/13   Allowance for Loan Loss