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Government Affairs

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Government Affairs for Wisconsin's Credit Unions

Giving Members a Voice Through Political & Legislative Advocacy

The League represents credit unions, delivers advocacy solutions and engages public officials.

Along with credit union Activists, we advance pro-credit union legislation, prevent legislation that is harmful, and cultivate healthy relationships with policymakers to ensure they understand the value of credit unions so they can act to enhance, protect and preserve credit unions as a resource for consumers.

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Contact  your Representative to urge support for reg reform bill S. 2155

Your contacts helped push our regulatory reform bill through the Senate; now we need you to give it a push in the House. To support your efforts, The League has teamed up with the Wisconsin Bankers Association in letters to House Speaker Paul Ryan and the rest of the Wisconsin delegation that urge their support in getting the bill passed, as is. You can use the letters, too - or in just a few clicks - add your voice to our push for swift passage in the House!

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Take Action

Grassroots Action Center

The Grassroots Action Center highlights certain legislative priorities at the state and federal level.  Activists can use the Action Center to draft their own messages (or edit and send prewritten messages) promoting credit unions to policymakers, find information on legislation and legislators and share Action Alerts with colleagues, friends and family.

Taking action using the alerts featured here is one way to illustrate the strength of the credit union movement. Inviting legislators to visit credit unions, in-school branches, chapter meetings and annual meetings as well as you visiting their district or capitol offices are all ways to continue the conversation about the value and social responsibility of Wisconsin's credit unions.

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Amplify Your Voice

Political advocacy helps keep credit union-friendly elected officials in office - or helps elect new ones - to promote positive credit union legislation, and protect credit unions from unnecessary regulatory burden and potentially harmful legislation.

Whether it's fundraising, attending an event, or simply telling your story, there are plenty of ways to make a difference.

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Stay Informed

Activist Program

Activists are credit union supporters - staff, volunteers, members and others - who work in concert with The League to protect and grow the credit union movement in our state. Activists receive support from The League, including publications, communication materials and training opportunities that advance your involvement in credit union activism.

Sign up to be an Activist and then check out our Activist Involvement page to learn how you can begin sharing the credit union difference.

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