Welcome to Money Mission!

Money Mission is an interactive, web-based simulation designed to educate users in the fundamentals of financial literacy. Money Mission also serves as an advocacy tool for advancing the cause of financial literacy as well as a marketing tool specifically for financial institutions to enable outreach to a young demographic.

Money Mission has many features which make it unique in the marketplace, including:

  • An immersive, animated interface with a look and feel designed specifically for the game and its targeted demographic – currently 16 to 19-year-olds.
  • An innovative approach to simulation design, which includes inputs from:
    • External Data such as stock market prices and cost of living changes;
    • User choices in the area of life-event choices, money management
  • A user configurable experience including customizable characters ("Avatars") and selectable vehicles.
  • Entertaining animated lessons teaching users critical financial principles.

What Credit Unions Are Saying

“Finally, a way for Credit Unions to effectively and efficiently reach the youth market.”

— Matt Selke, President, Peoples Choice Credit Union


“...a whole new platform for training, outreach and advocacy.”

— Jack Gill, President, First Community CU of Beloit


“We need to produce better financial citizens. Money Mission will help!”

— Mike Mallow, President, Sheboygan Area Credit Union


“This looks exactly like what the Credit Union market has been waiting for.”

— Brett Thompson, President/CEO Wisconsin CU League


“A state of the art approach to interactive training.”

— Jack Gill, President, First Community CU of Beloit


“This could change everything!”

— Ben Schweder, Vice President W.C.U.L. Services Corp.

What High School Kids Are Saying

“This is better than anything else they ask us to do in school!”


“I'd check my status on Money Mission just like I'd check my Facebook page.”