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What past attendees have said about Convention

by Christine Henzig, Director of Communications Apr 19, 2017

2017 ConventionStill not sure whether you should make time for Convention? We're glad you asked!


Convention attendees from 2016 had a lot to say about their experience!


Last year's attendees said:

"Convention challenged the way we think/operate/do business. It got the wheels turning on how we can operate differently to set us apart from the competition."

"I got a lot of good information on how to communicate with younger generations and that training styles currently being used may be outdated or ineffective."

"The breakout sessions had great presenters. Loved their level of enthusiasm and depth of knowledge."

"I was impressed with the level of content."Convention Rocks!!!

"I learned ideas for marketing that were innovative."

"Good information from the Office of Credit Unions."

"I learned so much, there's too much to write! I was enlightened and am sharing it with everyone inside my credit union. My hope is to spark a following with my co-workers to join more things and help more in our community, as well as to participate in more programs that the League offers."

"I learned areas of the credit union Movement that I wasn't familiar with to help with my professional development."

"I learned that I have to re-think my strategy. Changes need to be made and I need to be the one to do it."

"The financial education aspect was huge, including the networking with other folks engaged in this arena."

"The action plan items sparked conversation among our staff that gave us ideas to differentiate ourselves."

"I took home good information from vendors in the Exhibit Hall."

"I learned about thinking outside of the box and being innovative."

"Thank you to all involved in the planning - year after year it is awesome!"


We're sharing this because we don't want you to regret missing the amazing speakers, education and fun we've put together for you, making Convention the single best value you'll find all year to practice networking and expand your contacts, develop critical skills, grow your credit union, support the Movement and Unite for Good. You'll go home inspired and with actionable ideas and prizes

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