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Wisconsin credit unions are leaders in providing financial education across the state to members and throughout their communities. This page contains information for credit unions on financial education programs and resources. For detail on Wisconsin credit unions' financial education efforts and impact, see the Wisconsin Credit Union Scorecard.

Key Financial Education Initiatives for Wisconsin Credit Unions

 Apply by December 1 for a Governor's Financial Literacy Award

National Credit Union Youth Month

This is an annual event for which credit unions provide activities and contests to teach young adults about the importance of saving early.

Money Smart Week

This is a joint effort by partner organizations to hold events, workshops and presentations that offer financial education. Events are held for all age groups and focus on helping people learn to better manage their personal finances. Credit unions are invited to become event partners.

Support for Wisconsin Schools

More than 100 youth-run, in-school credit union branches statewide help young people develop a habit of saving. Research has shown that credit unions' practice of supporting in-class financial learning with access to savings accounts positively impacts young people's financial behaviors. Credit unions also provide schools with free teaching materials, assist with classroom presentations and host interactive reality fairs that engage students in financial decision-making. Credit unions also engage teams of students from local schools in a statewide Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl.

Support from credit unions has helped school districts implement their own financial education requirements for student graduation or be better positioned for legislation that may soon require financial literacy standards and curriculum. Print a summary of how teachers can use credit unions to advance their efforts.

National Institute of Financial & Economic Literacy

Credit unions sponsor local teachers (and employees) who offer financial lessons in the community to attend a series of summer workshops in Madison that help them improve the financial lessons they offer their students.

Trusted Partners in Financial Education

These organizations provide resources and partnerships that can help Wisconsin credit unions teach money matters to members, schools and community groups.