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Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation
Wisconsin Credit Unions Unite for Good

Communication Ensures Opportunity

Our united League/CUNA system emphasizes constant communication by CUNA, Leagues, credit unions and individual activists about the good credit unions accomplish. Appreciation for credit unions as member-owned cooperatives not only accomplishes our legislative and regulatory objectives, but helps credit unions add new members. Telling the credit union story is especially important to appeal to young Millennials who prefer doing business with companies that share their values. It’s also critical to gain more business from existing members.

Your League

  • Keeps credit union CEOs informed with a Monday morning email from League CEO Brett Thompson noting important risk and regulatory issues, in-state events, opportunities for funding and recognition and more. Other League publications cover general news and advocacy-related updates for Activists.
  • Coordinates credit union involvement in developing and expanding REAL Solutions®, programs and services that helps demonstrate the Credit Union Difference and, in turn, the value of preserving credit unions’ income tax exemption and a regulatory environment that respects credit unions as consumer advocates.
  • Publishes the Scorecard for Wisconsin Credit Unions. This report details how credit unions deliver value to their 3 million member-owners and their communities. These powerful and practical examples protect credit unions from additional costly regulation and taxation by showing the realities of the Credit Union Difference.  
  • Generates media coverage for pro-credit union stories. League press releases are shared with editors statewide; credit unions can add their own details to those stories when sharing with media locally.
  • Uses Facebook and Twitter to communicate credit unions’ successes and impact with credit unions, lawmakers, media and the public.
  • Earns public recognition on credit unions’ behalf and coordinates additional award programs in conjunction with CUNA that credit unions can tout locally for their unique efforts.
  • Provides media-relations support to credit unions as well as sample communications that can help credit unions communicate the value of credit unions to members and communities.


  • Articulates the value of the Credit Union Difference, in part through an Awareness Initiative that is developing a platform for consistent communication about what makes credit unions Americans' best financial partner. The multi-year effort, intended to supplement credit unions' own messaging, aims to help overcome persistent misperceptions about credit unions and drive increased interest in credit union membership and product usage.
  • Drives media coverage of credit unions’ impact through press releases, data-driven surveys, periodic press events on consumer issues, position statementsoverviews of our movement and expert commentary on financial industry news. Positive stories have been carried by ABC, NBC, CNN CNBC, NPR, Marketwatch, Bloomberg, Fox Business News, Dow Jones, The Washington Post, Associated Press, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and many others. 
  • Uses social media including Facebook and Twitter to share credit union news and their positive impact for members and communities.
  • Operates www.aSmarterChoice.org, an online credit union-finder. CUNA, Leagues and credit unions jointly fund as well as maintain the website that helps anyone in America find and join credit unions for which they’re membership-eligible. National & local media drive traffic to credit unions by noting this site in their reports.