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Compliance Specialists Program

compliance specialists program

Compliance Issues Got You Down?

  • Not enough hours in the day to tackle all your compliance responsibilities?
  • Compliance obligations taking you away from serving members?
  • Struggling to keep up with the latest regulatory changes?
  • Exams coming up and you still need help to prepare?
  • Exams just completed and you're overwhelmed by next steps?

Get the help and expertise you need - within your budget. For more information, contact Paul Guttormsson (608) 640-4052 or (800) 242-0833 x4052.

Download the Compliance Survival Guide >>

Our staff-sharing program allows credit unions of any size or budget to access expert, league-trained, state-specific compliance help (tied to our vast in-house online resources) to implement compliance workload at a fraction of what it'd cost you to hire this expertise independently. The program takes the compliance information The League has always offered and turns it into a boots-on-the-ground resource that gets compliance tasks organized and completed.

Two Options - Pick What's Right for Your Credit Union:

Partner Program

Regularly scheduled compliance support in your credit union

What is it?

Share a compliance specialist--hired, trained, and supervised by us--with other credit unions.

You get a trained specialist with full-time knowledge and credit union-specific training in your credit union at a fraction of the usual cost.

How it works

You have a choice of having a specialist in your credit union half time, quarter time, or less to fit your needs and budget.

They are an employee of the W.C.U.L. Services Corp., so you don't have to worry about benefits and other costs associated with bringing in a new employee.

Ideal For

This program is ideal for credit unions who either don't have an in-house compliance department or whose department needs additional support:

  • Digging out of a backlog of projects
  • Working through a list of examiner recommendations
  • Providing regular, consistent guidance 
Having the regular presence of a compliance specialist in your credit union will help keep your credit union informed of the latest regulatory changes.

What Others Have Said

"The WCUL Compliance Specialist Program takes the hassle out of compliance.  We used to spin our wheels trying to understand regs. Then came the task of policy writing and implementation. Our specialist gives us the time to concentrate on that which makes us money: member service. She explains what has to be done, mocks up the policy for our approval, and suggests best practices to make sure we comply." - Steve Nothem, President/CEO, Premier Financial Credit Union

"The Compliance Specialist program is working very well for us.  It provides us the ability to have a trained compliance person working directly with us to keep up with all of the regulatory changes." - Debbie Woods, President/CEO, Taylor Credit Union

Compliance Specialist Program has ‘Truly Been a Godsend’ - Credit Union Magazine

Credit Union Loan Zone: Moving Mortgages In House - CU Insight

À La Carte

Ad-hoc, project-based compliance support

What is it?

Access compliance services on an as-needed basis, according to your own priorities, needs, and budget. We offer an extensive list of focus areas, but can customize a program that works for you.

How it Works

A compliance specialist will come to your credit union and work on a per project basis. We'll create a custom proposal for you so you'll know how long it'll take to work through your particular project.

Ideal For

This program is ideal for credit unions with specific pain points they'd like to address. It's also a good way to see what it's like having a compliance specialist in your credit union without a large commitment.

What Others Have Said

"We are a small credit union and had some compliance issues that we needed help with. The League came through for us in a big way. A specialist came in and thoroughly went through the issues we had, helped us correct them, rewrite what we needed to, and get us in compliance at a very minimal cost. Would I recommend this service? By all means. It was a great experience."- Carl Mundth, President/CEO, Badger Campus Credit Union

"Our credit union needed some guidance with our Private Education Loan program. The League sent one of their Compliance Specialists to assist us with this one-time project. She helped us sort through the new maze of PEL compliance recently bestowed upon all of us.  We were close to terminating our PEL program because of the compliance burden, but the specialist helped us come up with a compliant product that we could offer our members." - Tom Pinnow, President, County City Credit Union