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Compliance Demands Persist

Our united League/CUNA system helps you stay on top of the thousands of pages of new & changing regulations annually which– not surprisingly—have led 75% of credit union CEOs to say it’s become "very challenging" simply to keep up.  

Our combined compliance assistance helps to reduce credit unions’ exposure to regulatory penalties, prepare credit unions for visits by regulators and protect the credit union and its members from liabilities that have the potential to affect income, member service, reputation and more.

Your League

….is your key source for Wisconsin-specific compliance guidance. This is an invaluable resource for the 98% of state-chartered credit unions that comprise League membership. The League also provides helpful guidance on how federal regulations interplay with Wisconsin law. The League:

  • Continually updates 165 ii releases online that note changes to state & federal regulations governing credit unions.

  • Publishes the Compliance Courier to note changes to Wisconsin laws, compliance deadlines, available resources and more.    
  • Maintains hundreds of searchable compliance web pages containing thousands of linked resources. 
  • Answers thousands of compliance-related calls from credit unions to guide their operations.
  • Provides more than 100 free sample policies online through PolicyAid - a value of $800 annually.
  • Offers practical guidance to your compliance staff at spring and fall compliance roundtables. Sessions have covered hot topics like the Military Lending Act, regulators’ views on compliance issues & practical tips shared by participants.
  • Offers information-packed webinars that allow multiple staff members to participate live or view an archived session.    
  • Monitors regulations that affect loan forms and deposit forms available to credit unions through the W.C.U.L. Services Corp.

  • Lends its decades of knowledge and vast online resources to a compliance staff-sharing program that's available to credit unions through the W.C.U.L. Services Corp, The Compliance Specialists Program allows credit unions of any size or budget to access expert, league-trained, state-specific compliance help to implement compliance workload at a fraction of what it would cost to hire this expertise independently. Credit unions can use the service for regularly scheduled compliance support in house or use the ad hoc option to complete specific compliance projects. Regulators have expressed increased confidence in credit unions using this service.


...offers additional federal compliance guidance, affecting not just federally-chartered credit unions but all Wisconsin credit unions because they are federally insured. This guidance helps address the thousands of pages of federal law and rule changes that emerge annually. CUNA:   

  • Provides relevant, hot topic information on the latest compliance topics through CUNA's CompBlog.
  • Connects compliance professionals nationwide through training and an online Community focusing on hot topics, questions, conversations and file sharing.
  • Distributes an easy-to-use, downloadable PDF that keeps you updated on regulations including real-time compliance regulation and law updates with CUNA RegTraC.