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Operational challenges can be daunting

Our united League/CUNA system offers expansive resources and consulting expertise on virtually every topic your credit union needs to function and grow. The knowledge that our collaborative system has amassed over decades grows with each credit union we assist to save your credit union time, money and needless risk. You accomplish more with greater confidence.

Your League

  • Analyzes credit unions’ financial statementsLeague consulting identifies ways your credit union can reduce costs, free up cash, increase income, target areas for loan growth, improve asset/liability management, conduct board planning and more.    

  • Helps credit unions prepare for exams & communicates regularly with the Office of Credit Unions. Through regular dialog, participating in meetings of the Credit Union Review Board, and an "open door" relationship, The League improves credit unions’ overall interaction & experience with examiners. For example, regulators expressed confidence in credit unions’ collaboration with The League as part of the Compliance Specialist Program, a fee-based service that helps credit unions expedite compliance workload.   

  • Provides insights and strategic analyses. League consulting helps credit unions prepare budgets and budget forecasts including a balance sheet, analyze the cost and impact of adding new services, prepare for board meetings, complete planning sessions and simply navigate everyday challenges via hundreds of phone calls and in-person visits annually. The Small Credit Union Initiative—which offers participating credit unions assistance valued at $10,000—guides participants through a prescribed plan for growth.  
  • Completes the required 990 tax form filing for two-thirds of Wisconsin credit unions.    

  • Facilitates the annual Wisconsin Credit Union Compensation Survey to help credit unions assess the pay rates and other benefits they provide employees in order to remain competitive.   

  • Helped take from concept to completion the launch of Reach Business Lenders™, LLC, a joint venture between the W.C.U.L. Services Corp. and WISCUB. The company helps Wisconsin credit unions expand their opportunity to offer business loans, improve service to members and increase income.

  • Boosts non-interest income through the fee-based products & services made available to credit unions through the W.C.U.L. Services Corp.


  • Provides research & statistics to guide credit unions’ decision-making. CUNA’s economic team tracks the federal funds rate, interprets what it means for credit unions and projects economic trends. CUNA’s researchers analyze market data and member loyalty data. All of this is crucial information for daily operations and strategic planning.   

  • Informs credit unions’ strategic directions. The Environmental Scan (E-Scan) report & tools, which cite key trends, are used by executives and boards for year-round benchmarking and strategic planning.   

  • Interprets complex issues. Weekly email updates from the CUNA CEO cover the most critical administrative, economic, political and system issues. In-depth articles in Credit Union Magazine & daily CUNA News updates keep you on top of key issues.   

  • Fuels market impact through its benchmarking reports and online analyzer for overall staff and CEO compensation, market research services, marketing tools, newsletter & web copy/art service, personal finance microsites and member retention strategies.   

  • Boosts your bottom lineCUNA Strategic Services’ fee-based products & services save credit unions millions of dollars annually while improving member relationships.   

  • Drives the credit union movement forward with training topics, conferences and schools that matter to you and your employees, including CUNA Management School, CUNA Enterprise Risk Management and CUNA Leadership Institute.   

  • Strengthens your skills and enhances opportunities for advancement with CUNA's designations and certifications. Read more about how we support educational pursuits.