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About The League

Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation

Regulatory issues affect member service

Our united League/CUNA system works in tandem with credit unions to fight regulatory burden while protecting members and credit unions’ ability to grow. We monitor state & federal rules and regulations from when they’re first proposed through their implementation, using input from credit unions to shape the specific requirements credit unions must follow under the law. Having a voice during this process—beyond simply passing legislation—is a critical opportunity to affect credit unions’ operating environment because the "devil’s in the details." For every law that’s passed, there may be dozens—even hundreds—of ways we improve credit unions’ operating environment via the regulatory process.

The League

  • Gives a voice to Wisconsin’s 3 million credit union members concerning the pricing, products, service and future capabilities of their credit unions by working with CUNA as part of the comment call process (see CUNA, right).   

  • Submits comments letters on behalf of Wisconsin credit unions & facilitates credit unions’ input on regulatory issues. With Council input, our comment letters to federal agencies urge them to lighten credit unions’ regulatory burdens, to account for the differences between credit unions & other financial institutions and to recognize the risks, costs and human resource impacts of proposed requirements. We also enable credit unions to submit comments directly to agencies seeking them. 

  • Forges relationships to improve regulatory outcomes. League staff and credit union representatives meet regularly with regulators and examiners. Additional meetings with the Credit Union Review Board helps credit unions address regulatory concerns. By addressing regulators’ concerns and intent – we can better shape our input on regulatory issues. We also collaborate with partners like CUNA Mutual Group to ensure a broad knowledge base on regulatory issues.


  • Publishes a weekly CUNA Advocacy update newsletter from Ryan Donovan, CUNA's Chief Advocacy Officer, to explain credit union interests in Washington, D.C. and state capitols.

  • Sends timely updates on CUNA's powerful advocacy efforts. Follow the Removing Barriers blog to stay current on legislative, regulatory and state governmental affairs advocacy.
  • Monitors thousands of pages of federal rules & regulations and issues the comment calls that are invitations for credit unions to provide input on proposals so that they can be improved.    
  • Submits comment letters to regulatory agencies on behalf of credit unions nationwide.    
  • Maintains a list of regulatory hot topics to help credit unions stay on top of the most pressing regulatory changes.    
  • Upholds credit union ideals in courts. CUNA defends credit unions’ ability to extend their service and operations to the full extent allowed by law. Litigation has involved data breach, interchange, field of membership, state taxation and unrelated business income (UBIT) issues.    
  • Provides relevant, hot topic information on the latest compliance topics through CUNA’s CompBlog.
  • Connects compliance professionals nationwide through training, an online Community, and a file sharing page with sample disclosures, policies and more.    
  • Produces an easy-to-use, downloadable PDF that keeps you updated on regulations including real-time compliance regulation and law updates with CUNA RegTraC.   
  • Drives the credit union movement forward with the training topics, conferences and schools that matter to you and your employees.    
  • Maintains the CUNA e-Guide, a dues-supported, electronic compliance manual of federal laws and regulations affecting credit union operations.