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REAL Solutions® Story Submission

Share Your Story to Protect & Defend Your Credit Union

The impact credit unions have on members and their communities is easy to overlook – especially when many assume they’re the same as a bank. Your stories illustrate the value credit unions provide members and communities, and make it clear that credit unions are different and worth protecting.  But we need to be sure we are sharing those stories far and wide.  

Unfortunately, banking groups continue to attack credit unions nationally, and--at the state level--calls to end credit unions' corporate tax exemption status are growing in Wisconsin. It’s up to us to make sure policymakers and the public truly understand the credit union difference, and our stories are our most powerful asset!

How To Submit Your Story

Complete the form below. No names or other identifying information are needed--just a brief summary of the situation or service. Please also send us your logo as an .eps file so we can include it along with your story.

Not sure where to start? Here are some examples:

  • Consolidated debt to help a family make ends meet
  • Financially counseled a member to prevent a foreclosure or improve credit
  • Reworked the terms of a loan to help a member weather a job loss, illness, or other misfortune
  • Provided a special auto or mortgage lending product to help financially underserved individuals get transportation for work, or get their first home
  • Made a small business loan when no one else would 
  • Rescued a member from high-cost payday loans, making financial stability possible
  • Taught students personal finance basics better guiding decisions, plans or habits
  • Created a program to help a subset of the community or membership, like students, senior citizens, veterans, unbanked
  • Made a difference in a member's life - or in your area - in other ways banks wouldn't have, because your focus is on people, not profits.

You can check out the 2019 story collection as well to see what other credit unions have submitted. 

Where Your Story Will Be Seen

These stories are shared annually at Convention, in our Wisconsin Credit Union Scorecard, on social media and The League's website, and also during face-to-face meetings with legislators. 

Story Submission Form

First & Last
Short description, for example: A member was overwhelmed by high interest on a payday loan and her choice was groceries or paying the rent. We consolidated the debt into a lower interest loan, and now she can meet her obligations while putting a few dollars away each month.
If available, link to an article or video illustrating your story
Do you have photos available?

Would you be willing to ask the member to share their story?

* denotes required fields.
Please also send us your logo as an .eps file so we can include it along with your story.