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REAL Solutions® Story Submission

Sharing Stories of The Credit Union Difference Makes All the Difference!

Instead of relying solely on easily forgotten figures and often-impersonal statistics, The League's REAL Solutions® program collects and widely shares personal impact stories from Wisconsin's credit unions with policymakers and the public.

From accounts of above and beyond member service, to granted second chances, to responses to disaster, to meeting community needs, to returning funds back to their members through patronage, and more—these stories educate policymakers and the public about their banking options and are vital in the fight to preserve The Credit Union Difference.

We print and display these stories at a variety of League events throughout the year, including Convention. They also inform our annual REAL Solutions® Scorecard. Please help us continue to collect new and exciting examples of The Credit Union Difference in Wisconsin!

First & Last
No names or identifying information required. Please provide a brief synopsis - a few sentences or short paragraphs. Consider stories of how your credit union put people before profit in ways other financial institutions could not.
Not sure where to start? Here are some examples for inspiration: 
  • Consolidated debt to help a family make ends meet
  • Financially counseled a member to prevent a foreclosure or improve credit
  • Reworked the terms of a loan to help a member weather a job loss, illness, or other misfortune
  • Provided a special auto or mortgage lending product to help financially underserved individuals
  • Made a small business loan when no one else would 
  • Rescued a member from high-cost payday loans, making financial stability possible
  • Taught students personal finance basics better guiding decisions, plans or habits
  • Created a program to help a subset of the community or membership, like students, senior citizens, veterans, or the unbanked
  • Made a difference in a member's life - or in your area - in other ways banks wouldn't have, because your focus is on people, not profits.
  • View last year's story collection here

If available, link to an article or video illustrating your story
Do you have photos available?

Would you be willing to ask the member to share their story?

Your Credit Union's Logo
If this is your credit union's first time sharing a story or your logo has changed since you last shared a story, please attach your logo here. (.eps file format strongly preferred)

Beyond sharing your stories at Convention and other League events, we'd like them to reach an even wider audience by sharing them via our website and social media channels. Please let us know below if you consent.*

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