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Avoiding a 72% Interest Rate

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Aug 22, 2023
Submitted by: WESTconsin Credit Union
  • Escaping Predatory Lending
We had a member raising her granddaughter who had come in with a loan check with an interest rate of 72%. The MSR got her an appointment with our Consumer Loan Specialist before doing anything else with the check. Our member then asked if she could get the funds from us instead. Through further discussion, we asked the member if she needed the funds or just wanted them now because she received an offer from this lender. She admitted that she didn’t necessarily need them, but that it would help with paying the balance she owed to her utility provider. Digging deeper, our Consumer Loan Specialist uncovered that her monthly payment plan with the utility provider was $300/month, when it was normally around $200/month without backpay. We recommended that she should get caught up on payments with her utility provider and pay off a credit card, and approved her for a $1,950 loan that was able to lower her monthly expenses. She was so incredibly grateful for the MSR that noticed the check prior to cashing it.