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Better Products, Lower Payment, & Less Interest

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Aug 20, 2021
Submitted by: Verve, a Credit Union
  • Second Chances & Refinancing
A member visited looking to find a way to lower his car payment. We invited him to use our Video Banking technology to work with one of our lenders virtually. He was a little nervous, but quickly got comfortable. He thought he had 0% interest on his current auto loan through the dealer but was still looking to refinance to lower his payment. His interest rate was actually 4.79% for 72 months, in addition to GAP coverage and a warranty with the dealership. We were able to get his rate down to 3.74% and significantly reduce the cost of the GAP and warranty. He saved $1,600 in products, lowered his monthly payment by $71, and will now save a great deal in interest over the life of the loan.