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Educating Members on Their Options

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Jan 1, 2019
Submitted by: Capital Credit Union
  • Auto Loans
After being rejected by a bank, the daughter of a member dealt only with cash and believed that she wouldn’t qualify for a checking account, let alone an auto loan. She was planning to purchase a car from one of those “high interest” car dealerships but promised her mother she’d come see us first. We showed her how she’d be paying over bluebook value for the vehicle and how that would affect her future if she needed to sell or refinance the car. She agreed to allow us to assist with a pre-qualification application, and she ultimately qualified for an auto loan as well as a checking account. The car she ended up buying was newer, less expensive, had a better loan value, and would allow her to build her credit score more quickly. She drove by to show us her “new” vehicle and gave us a thank-you note. Educating people on their options is what sets credit unions apart!