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Getting a Member Back in the Driver's Seat

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Jan 1, 2019
Submitted by: Capital Credit Union
  • Above & Beyond Service
An auto repair reached out to Capital Credit Union and told us they were planning to put a mechanic’s lien on a car that had been in an accident and was towed to their shop after hearing nothing from the owner of the vehicle or their insurance company. We investigated and found the car was properly insured and loan payments were current. When we reached out to the member, we discovered she had recently had her driver’s license suspended and did not want her grandmother, the co-signer of the loan, to know. We were able to provide her with information from the DMV to get her license back and also discovered that the accident wasn’t the member’s fault. We contacted the at-fault driver’s insurance company and found out they were backed up due to multiple vehicle pile-ups in the area. An insurance rep was able to do the insurance adjustment and prevent the lien.