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Payday Loans with a 400% Interest Rate

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Aug 18, 2022
Submitted by: WESTconsin Credit Union
  • Escaping Predatory Lending
We recently had a member visit one of our offices with her grandmother to apply for a consolidation loan, as she was struggling with numerous payday lender loans she took out in 2020 when her boyfriend was sick and unable to work for six months. She was currently paying over $2,400/month for minimum payments on five small payday loans (a few of them had a 400%+ interest rate) in addition to her vehicle loan payment. Our Member Service Representative reviewed her whole financial picture and was able to refinance her car loan to a lower rate and refinance the balance of ALL of her payday loans, bringing her monthly payment down from $2,400/month to only $330/month! The member was very thankful and her grandmother was so impressed with our attention to things that mattered most that she planned to come back and open her own account with us!