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People Before Profit During COVID-19

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Aug 11, 2021
  • COVID-19 Response

Shipbuilders Credit Union (SCU) has demonstrated a commitment to its credit union principles by helping and serving our community since its founding in 1938. When the pandemic hit, however, SCU felt compelled to explore additional ways to show appreciation and support for its employees, members, and community. Following are just some of the ways SCU put “People Before Profit” in the past year.

  • To support and reward its employees for their dedication and flexibility during the pandemic, SCU provided weekly lunches during the months of April, May, and June. We were able to simultaneously show appreciation for our employees, while also supporting eighteen different member and local businesses financially with the meal purchases. 
  • During the pandemic it was clear that many members were going to need extra financial support. In addition to processing Paycheck Protection Program loans for business members, SCU developed an “SOS” unsecured loan product with a delayed payment period that gave many members the extra time they needed to evaluate and plan for their new financial circumstances.
  • Even though the annual holiday party had to be cancelled due to pandemic concerns, SCU again found an opportunity to support its member businesses while showing appreciation for its staff. In place of the party, employees were able to choose gift cards from various member businesses. 
  • Finally, local food pantries proved to be a vital resource for the community during the pandemic and Shipbuilders Credit Union was able to provide generous financial support beyond its usual contributions.
The year 2020 and the pandemic was, and continues to be, a challenge for everyone. With a focus on credit union principles and putting “People Before Profit,” however, Shipbuilders Credit was able to lend a helping hand to employees, members and the community even while operating in an environment of uncertainty.