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Pets Before Profit

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Aug 15, 2022
Submitted by: Tri-County Credit Union
  • Charity & Community Service
Stories Cats

We had checked out a foreclosed house property and found a mama cat and her five kittens in the garage with little food and water. We contacted a member who is a local vet and they took them all in for the night free of charge, including another cat we found later in the same garage. The next morning our President picked up the feisty felines and took them to the credit union office--we just couldn't send them to the animal shelter. Our VP of Lending took home one (Snickers) and our President took home the mama and her 5 kittens to foster.

Once the kittens were ready, Mama went with our VP of Lending to join Snickers, two kittens went with our MSR, one kitten went to a friend, and two kittens were adopted by our President. Tri-County provided a donation to the vet clinic's "Angel Fund," and Snickers, Mama, Aspen, Noble, Opal, Mittens, and Belle are all doing great!