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Saving Her Life Savings

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Jun 1, 2023
Submitted by: WESTconsin Credit Union
  • Above & Beyond Service
A member of over 35 years nearly became the victim of a major scam that could have wiped out her life savings. She was set to purchase a dream home out-of-state and had sent us instructions to transfer over $450,000 on her behalf. At her request the funds were sent, despite our advisement to verbally confirm the wire instructions. When the funds did not arrive into the receiving account, our member finally realized the wire instructions were fraudulent. As it turns out, the title company's email had been intercepted and the instructions were altered to re-route the funds to a fraudulent destination. The member called us immediately to put a hold on the funds and simultaneously opened a claim with the FBI. Our Payments Supervisor worked around the clock, including on her days off, to keep in constant contact with the member as well as the intended receiving financial. Ultimately, we were able inform her that all of her funds had been recovered!
This member shared with us that her life had been forever changed by the care and action of her credit union, and that she will be forever grateful for the intervention on her behalf and for always having her best interest at the forefront of all we do.