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Accountant - Gundersen Credit Union

Job Posted: Jan 11, 2021
Job Expires:
Feb 15, 2021


The Accountant performs accounting functions including preparing financial statements, ALM reports, monthly reconciliation and preparing the quarterly 5300 call report. This position is also responsible for functioning as the compliance officer for the credit union. 


  1. Prepares monthly financial statements and financial reports for monthly board meetings according to the prescribed timeline.
  2. Performs all monthly reconciliations for verification by the President according by the 15th of each month.
  3. Prepares all monthly ALM reports for the ALCO Committee along with quarterly ALM reports through ALM provider.
  4. Prepares and files the quarterly 5300 call report required by the NCUA before the deadline to file.
  5. Participates in performing cash audits for front line staff, including drawer audits, vault audits, ATM audits, card stock audits, along with any additional audits requested.
  6. Assists the President with verifying all cash orders made by the front-line staff.
  7. Functions as the primary compliance officer and BSA officer of the credit union.
  8. Ensures all CTR and SARs are filed within the required timeline.
  9. Understands all credit union policies and procedures.
  10. Assists the President in monitoring staff activity for any fraudulent activities.
  11. Reconciles monthly corporate card expense to be presented for board chair approval.
  12. Functions as the primary IT contact for communications with core processor and Gundersen Health Services IT staff.
  13. The list of primary duties is not exhaustive. It may be supplemented as necessary from time to time. 


  1. Professional, well-developed interpersonal skills necessary for servicing Credit Union members and projecting a positive image as representative for the Credit Union.
  2. Extensive knowledge of Credit Union products and services.
  3. CPA designation and/or a university degree together with five years of progressively responsible account experience.
  4. Advance mathematical skill required (calculations and concepts involving decimals, percentages, fractions, etc.). 

About the Organization

Gundersen Credit Union is a closed chartered credit union for employees and family members of Gundersen Health Systems. The credit union is open Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. It offers a full benefits plan.

How to Apply

Please email your resume to: Gundersen Credit Union