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Commercial Credit Analyst - Advia Credit Union

Job Posted: May 17, 2023
Job Expires:
May 17, 2023


We are hiring a full-time detective, puzzle solver, and author. Officially, you will be a Commercial Credit Analyst. In this integral role, you will have the chance to dig into financial statements to discern what is really going on with businesses of all shapes and sizes. You will research industries and economic trends. You will assess strengths, weaknesses, and risks then craft a document to help our commercial member accomplish their goals. You will be part of a close-knit team of analysts who love to work hard and share best practices. We also love coffee runs, if that is your thing. One of the best parts of this role is that we have a hybrid work model that allows you to work from home two days a week if you like. 


  • Evaluate the financial statements and condition of commercial loan members and prospects applying for credit.
  • Analyze basic personal and corporate loan portfolio financial statements for loan risk rating and monitoring purposes on a single loan or relationship basis.
  • Perform timely and accurate annual reviews to monitor credit quality and early identification of deterioration of credit quality.
  • Analyze such items as income, quality of management, market share, potential risks, and collateral appraisal.
  • Prepare written loan presentations, which include credit analysis and a summary of the loan request.
  • Assesses collateral offered and its marketability to make certain the credit relationships meet internal policy guidelines and regulation standards.
  • Review and ensure commercial loan policy compliance throughout the commercial lending process.
  • Utilize and maintain credit analysis software.
  • Provide outstanding service to both internal and external members as defined by living and demonstrating the core values of the credit union: Act with Integrity, Drive Progress, Build & Strengthen Relationships, and Keep People at the Core.


  • We are looking for the right combination of passion and experience.
  • The ideal member of our Commercial Credit team will be someone who loves to dig into the details.
  • They prefer a structured environment where they can focus deeply and find consistency and excellence in their work.
  • They will value being part of a team, but more importantly, they relish the time where they can work alone and enter the space of deep thinking and analysis.
  • They will also possess a college degree.
  • They will have a clear understanding of general accounting principles as well as business, finance, and economics.
  • The candidate should also have knowledge of commercial lending programs, policies and procedures, as well as an understanding of financial analysis and determination of credit worthiness.
  • Experience working with balance sheets and income statements, or tax returns is a plus.
  • Also, some awareness of different corporate entities will be beneficial for this role.
  • Finally, they must be an excellent communicator, especially in a written format.
  • There is a significant level of trust, credibility, and diplomacy that is required in this role.
  • You will have opportunities to provide explanations and in-depth dialogue with members, lenders, loan approvers, and other analysts that can be highly confidential in nature.
  • This communication can involve motivating, influencing, educating, and advising others on matters of significance. 

About the Organization

Everyone wants to belong, to be part of a community. Here at Advia, every single aspect of how we think and work is built on the priority of community. We don’t have customers, we have members. Some of our key measurements as an organization are how effectively are we volunteering in, and serving, our community. And most importantly, we nurture a culture in our workplace that places the highest value on belonging, inclusion, community, working hard, and having fun. If your heart beats like that, then we may just be the place for you. Come be an Advian!

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