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COVID-19 Resources & Updates for Credit Unions 

As COVID-19 requires you to adjust to meet the evolving needs of your members and communities, The League will be compiling resources to assist or help inform your credit union's day-to-day operations and overall business continuity strategy. Resources included here cover business continuity, financial relief for members, operations guidance, health & wellness information, and more. Check back often for updates. Interested in how Wisconsin's credit unions are responding to the pandemic? Click here.

Business Continuity

Financial Relief

Paycheck Protection Program

Emergency/Disaster Loans & Grants

Guidance - Operations

COVID-19 News from The League

WI credit union response to COVID-19

Wisconsin's Credit Unions Rise to the Challenges of COVID-19

Apr 23, 2020
Wisconsin's credit unions are rising to the immense challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to continue to serve the needs of their 3.3 million members and the communities they live and work in.
WBA League Joint Statement

WI Banks and Credit Unions Prepare to Process Payroll Protection Loans

Apr 02, 2020
On behalf of Wisconsin’s community banks and credit unions, we want to assure the state's small businesses that we are eager to be your partner in weathering financial challenges brought on by this unprecedented pandemic.
SBA Paycheck Protection Program

4 Tips for Credit Union Business Members During COVID-19

Mar 31, 2020
Credit unions across Wisconsin are hard at work helping their business members weather the COVID-19 pandemic. What should entrepreneurs, small businesses and employers do at this time?
WBA League Joint Statement

WI Financial Institutions Focus on Service During the COVID-19 Crisis

Mar 20, 2020
Wisconsin financial institutions understand the importance of stable and uninterrupted delivery of important financial services, such as access to money and credit, during this time of crisis.

Webinars - COVID-19 Related

Upcoming Webinars


Credit Risk Management During a Pandemic

During this session, you will learn practical steps to identify borrowers who are vulnerable to unusual global-level crises, as well as those who demonstrate the adaptability and sustainability needed to endure future events. Discover how borrower liquidity and capital adequacy affects sustainability.

On-Demand Webinars

Making the Shift: Member Experience Today

This five-part on-demand webinar series will explore how is the changing world is going to impact your credit union's strategies. From payments, to digital. From AI, to flesh-and-blood people. We will look at it all.

BSA Compliance Requirements During the COVID-19 Challenge

Join us to learn how to stay in compliance with existing and developing BSA requirements amid the COVID-19 crisis.

New FFIEC Procedures & Pandemic Guidance for Business Continuity Management & Resilience

Join us to learn the updated examination procedures, how to incorporate the ten steps of the business continuity life-cycle, and actions to survive the Pandemic. In addition, communication with the board and your internal auditor’s role in assessing the BCP’s design effectiveness are key program components.

Interagency Statement on Loan Modifications: Working with Borrowers Impacted by COVID-19

A recent interagency statement provides guidance for working with borrowers experiencing loan shortfalls due to the impact of COVID-19 – but outside the normal TDR structure. Learn the details and next steps.