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Wisconsin Credit Union Chapter Program

Chapter meetings offer a forum for credit union people to network and learn.The meetings are open to all credit union staff, volunteers and their spouses.

Meetings are usually held once a month from September through May or June. They are usually held in the evenings at a local restaurant and include a cocktail hour followed by a meal and an educational presentation.

If you’d like to attend, ask your supervisor. Your supervisor can also ensure you get counted in the head-count for dinner and make arrangements with your credit union to cover the cost of your meal.

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(includes news you can announce at your next chapter meeting)

Chapter Vision

The Chapter Vision promotes strong credit unions, awareness and relevance of credit unions in their communities and a stronger, more unified League of credit unions statewide.

  • Advocacy: Aggressively pursue opportunities to influence local leaders and lawmakers about the value credit unions provide to their communities.
  • Leadership Development: Create development pathways and resources that enable credit union professionals and volunteers to further their careers in the movement.
  • Volunteer Recognition: Recognize the value of volunteers within the movement.
  • Demonstrations of the Credit Union Philosophy: Showcase the Credit Union Difference in ways to sustain the viability of credit unions and increase the awareness of the value that credit unions provide to consumers.
  • Networking Opportunities: Promote cooperation among credit unions.
  • League Connection: Provide a channel for information to and from The League.
  • Community Involvement: Encourage credit union engagement in community projects.

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